Essay on What is Suicide and Why Does It Occur?

Essay on What is Suicide and Why Does It Occur?

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“Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.” Phil Donahue said these words, hoping to send a message; a message that suicide is a temporary and irreparable solution to an otherwise less than unmanageable problem. Suicide continues to be a phenomenon that no one fully understands. The rise of suicide can be directly interpreted by its precursors and their validity in newer generations such as adolescents in a time and society such as this. Suicide has moved from the realm of total taboo to a topic of increasing interest and concern for ail. Suicide, as a means of ending one's life, is not an accepted way to die in western culture. Some researchers have alluded that it may be "normal" for someone to use suicide as a means of ending one's life, and perhaps society is paying too much attention to this choice (Shneidman, 1985; Szasz, 1986). But when children begin to kill themselves, youths who are not seen by society as able to make an informed choice, the society becomes concerned. Is this decision out of: despair, depression, family circumstances or because they are copying the behaviors of others? None of these questions can be answered reliably unless we understand what motivates an adolescent to want to choose death over life.
The difference between suicide and any other cause of death is that it is self inflicted. Il
continues to trouble and appeal us because it rejects our deeply held conviction that life must be
worth living. To take a Life is a sin and against the law, but more and more there seems to be
a message that suicide is a normal means to end one' s pain and misery.
Suicidal thoughts have been found to be very common among the general population, with a greater number of suicide attempts than succe...

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...nation of factors. All people, at some time, have felt anxiety during their lives, it’s a normal part of life. Stress is a conflict faced by everyone.
Depression can be classified as a biological or a mental disorder which can be caused by many different things, sometimes even genetic factors. Stress does not always have to be present, but may help to trigger or boost depression. Depression will affect everything about an individual, from the way they think to the way they act. Depression can be present even when a person feels and appears happy. Millions of people, in American alone, suffer from depression every year. Women, who are of the ages ranging from 25-44, make up the majority of depressed people. As a matter of fact, 7 million women battle depression every day. Depression comes in many different shapes and sizes depending on causes and varying patterns.

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