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Usher’s OMG Tour Essay

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On November 13, 2010, R&B’s present and future performed in Las Vegas, NV at the Mandalay Bay for Usher’s OMG Tour. New vocalist Miguel, with the success of his “All I Want is You” single, warmed up the audience. But Trey Songz, aggressive sex pop hits from his new album: Passion, Pain, & Pleasure, made the crowd start to sizzle. The talent demonstrated in the opening acts got the audience hyped up for the main attraction…Usher! This concert gave the audience the ability to take it back to 1997 with songs “You Make me Wanna” and “Nice and Slow.” Songs like “Lil Freak” and “DJ got us Falling in Love” keeps the audience in the present and of course, dancing. Usher, still being one of the leading artists in R&B for the last 16 years, proves his talent of singing and dancing during this tour. Evidence that Usher deserves to stay on top can be visualized in this concert, especially with the fans begging for an encore. Usher’s latest tour definitely leaves the audience saying “OMG!”
While most of the audience, including myself, stared at the stage watching stick-barring dancers flash lights, Usher appeared in the middle of the audience. Wearing a leather jacket with matching sunglasses, boots, and pants, Usher continued his entrance to the stage by hovering above his audience on a clear platform. While he soared over the crowd, Usher sang “Monstar,” as the opening to his “OMG” Tour. Once the platform was near the stage, instead of lowering completely, only the front wires lowered giving the suspended Usher the chance to dance against a clear wall. Defying gravity with a bunji-cord strapped to his waist, and after some ninja dance moves, Usher was front and center on stage. After greeting his audience, Usher wastes no time getting to h...

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...ter, Usher was again lifted above the crowd, while he performed a 2004 number 1 hit “Burn”. His singing ability was shown in both of these songs leaving the audience in awe.
After precise dance moves, interaction with the crowd, (some more than others) and his vocals displayed in the twenty songs performed, Usher attempts his good-bye to the large crowd. However, once Usher has left the stage, the crowd, including myself, realizes he hasn’t performed a favorite yet. The song the whole tour is named after and instantly, upon this realization, the crowd and I begin to chant the biggest hit of the year, “OMG!” Usher returns of course, almost expecting it, but upon returning, he brings the entire audience to their feet. The show ended with perfected choreography by Usher and the other dancers, flashing lights, various explosions, confetti, and of course, an encore.

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