Should Shoplifting Be An Effective Weapon Against Crime? Essay

Should Shoplifting Be An Effective Weapon Against Crime? Essay

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Shoplifting has become a huge problem that continues to grow year to year. Habitual shoplifters steal about 2 times a week on average (“Shoplifting Statistics”). Also, shoplifting gangs are gaining popularity fast due to the large profits they are making. No matter what the type of shoplifter, there is a problem. Laws and regulations are in place to try to stop shoplifters, but are proving ineffective due to the continuing rise in shoplifting deficits. Therefore, alternate crime fighting strategies should be considered such as classical music. Classical music has proven to be an effective weapon against crime due to its soothing nature making it a good option for malls and stores in their fight against the problem of shoplifting that continues to increase despite current laws and regulations regarding the subject.
Shoplifting is generally defined as the theft of merchandise from a store or place of business. This is a type of larceny because it involves purposefully taking property of someone else with the intent of keeping it from the owner (“Shoplifting”). Despite the previous definition, one can commit a shoplifting crime without actually leaving the store with unpaid for merchandise in the form of concealing merchandise with the intention of stealing it, or avoiding paying the full price of an item by either altering the price tag or changing the packaging of an item (“Shoplifting”). Shoplifting offenses are most common between Wednesday and Saturday when more people are coming and leaving the store (Clarke and Petrossian).
On the other hand, shoplifters are often stereotyped. Keith White, head of loss prevention at the Gap, states, “I hate to say it, but there have been times when law enforcement has had a profile of a sho...

... middle of paper ... week (“Mozart’s Classical Music Cuts Crime Rates in New Zealand Mall”). Other cities such as Atlanta, London, Toronto, Minneapolis, Portland, and New York have played music from composers such as Handel, Mozart, Vivaldi, Bach, Beethoven, Strauss, and Chopin all with the same goal in mind: to deter criminals (Jaffe). These many examples show classical music’s effectiveness in fighting criminals.
Due to the continuing rise in shoplifting, alternate ways in fighting the crime such as classical music need to be seriously considered. The laws and regulations on shoplifting are often overlooked and pushed to the side making them ineffective when truly wanting to fight the problem. This leaves many stores and shops losing money every day to shoplifters. Classical music could help to decrease these losses in a smart, innovative, and cost effective way.

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