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Is The Real World?

- ... Broken down, that’s 8,300 a day, 857 per hour. The numbers are staggering. The thing is, these students are not dumb. The reason for dropping out was not necessarily that the work was too difficult, but because students who miss class often are more likely to drop out, they find themselves playing a never-ending game of catch-up. Often, these students don’t have anyone at home who is making them go to school every day. “They don’t attend regularly and are so far behind that they have to drop out,” Joe Silsby, guidance counselor, said....   [tags: High school, High school diploma]

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Evolution of MTV's The Real World

- Fish in a Fish Bowl “This is the true story… of seven strangers… picked to live in a house… work together and have their lives taped… to find out what happens… when people stop being polite… and start getting real” (Robinson par. 8). The reality television program, The Real World, by MTV, had its first airing in 1992 and is one of the longest-running shows in MTV history. Initially, the program was designed as an outlet for young individuals to express common issues of adulthood ranging from prejudice, religion, AIDS, sex, and substance abuse, but eventually it evolved into a showcase for immature and reckless behaviors....   [tags: MTV, reckless behavior]

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The Matrix Is The Real World

- ... You take the blue pill — the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill — you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes,” ( Matrix ). Neo chooses to take the red pill. He’s brain is getting freed from the matrix. After he took the red pill he awakens inside a pink embryonic pod where humans are cloned and being used as batteries for machines. At this moment somehow deep inside him he knew that he needs to know more....   [tags: Morpheus, The Matrix, Artificial intelligence]

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How Managers And The Real World

- Lecture note: How Managers Use Structure to Influence Performance It is very interesting to read this article. I feel it is very much true about points discuss from the article regarding how managers drive performance in the real world. “Lean but still Stand”. The business strategy and culture are not something that middle-level manager can change directly, business strategy is usually formed by owner or the top management team, and the middle managers have less influential power. The culture forms by many employees with the similar behaviors, the middle manager have more influential power to people under, other than employees in the cross units....   [tags: Management, Middle management]

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The Legal System And Real World

- In the legal system and real world, people are faced with many decisions and or situations. Most people probably do not give a second thought, or bat an eye, as to the type of decision or situation they are making or are in. The first category thought about is legality and the second is ethicality. Most people think that if it’s illegal, it’s unethical, and if it’s legal, it is ethical. This is not always the case. As shown in Counsellor at Law, sometimes these categories do not overlap as initially thought....   [tags: Ethics, Law, Business ethics, Philosophy]

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Education Of The Real World

- EDUCATION IN THE REAL WORLD Learning today is different than it was even a year ago. Education is always changing and there are always debates and room for improvement. The 21st century on exemplar schools explains that there is a shift in learning. It is the student’s responsibility for their learning and the teacher 's job is to write well thought out lessons and be the “coach” in the classroom. Before learning had a great deal of books and worksheets, now in the 21st century it is about real world application....   [tags: Education, Teacher, School, Pedagogy]

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Diversity And Real World Issues

- ... Nahal. For a large class, most times than not there is more than 20 hand raises each class. Throughout this course I felt your warmth and willingness to help each of us, but it was tough for me to speak it is an unconscious fear I hope to diminish. Many of the topics discussed in class was very informative and sensitive at the same time. We would explore and question certain can roles certain communities live up to. Most of what was said I also agreed too was neutral with the topic. And at other times I would feel frustrated / shocked in the inside and I wouldn’t know what to ask questions or comment on....   [tags: Parenting styles, Parenting, Thought, Mind]

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Real World Negotiation Analysis

- 1. The topic for my real world negotiation is to come to an agreement with my supervisor for a promotion as well as an increased salary. I currently work as a student assistant at the student services Planning, Enrollment Management, and Student Affairs (PEMSA) department. My goal is to increase my hourly pay from $10.15 to $12.70, a 25% increase. Having worked in this department for three years, I have taken on tasks not part of my job description such as processing return mail, data entry, and supervision....   [tags: promotion, salary, negotiation]

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Raising Children To Succeed in the Real World

- Modern society is much more detached than ancient society, where parents may be far in distance from their children, but only a short phone call away. An example of this can be noted in the provided rhetorical essay, where the author, and mother of a few children, explains how modern society has greatly shifted from the stay-at-home mother who is readily available, to the modern mother who is"involved" and is therefore harder to reach. This detached relationship consequently challenges the already established relationships of nurture and support already seen throughout society....   [tags: Child Development]

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Locke, Barkley And Hume, The Real World

- Is there a real world. I believe so, but based the concepts of Locke, Barkley and Hume, the real world isn’t actually how I perceive it to be. Locke’s concepts outline the distinction between the two types of ideas produced by sensations. In this concept, there is a real world In Locke’s concept, there is a real world that is produced by sensations. From sensations there are two qualities that Locke elaborates on: Primary and Secondary qualities. The distinction between primary and secondary qualities, as defined by Locke, is made by the different kinds of ideas the qualities of the object produce in our minds....   [tags: Mind, Metaphysics, George Berkeley, Perception]

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The Real World And How It Really Works

- ... Then the boy realizes that he could just go home whenever he wanted that 's where he got the money and he’s still alive. I think the dad did a lot of things wrong in the beginning. His oldest son works his butt off to make the money that he does and the father doesn’t give him any extra money to show how much he is proud of how hard he works. Besides he gives a crap ton of money to the young boy and shows him that he doesn’t have to work for anything in life just come and ask for money, you don’t have to work hard to earn the stuff you want....   [tags: Family, Parent, 2000 albums, Mother]

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The Gaming Experience For Real World Interaction

- ... As Bertrand Russell asserted “The strongest and most instinctively compelling of social groups was, and still is, the family.” (Russell 13) It is true that the first communities that we experience are our own families and most habits we develop at a young age come from interacting with them. Our families are directly responsible for our experience as a child. Children who grow up using technology to communicate can develop problems communicating interpersonally in some situations. For example, while I worked at my former elementary school doing community service, there was this child who always sat by himself and didn’t interact with any of the other children in the afterschool program....   [tags: Communication, Graphic communication, Message]

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The Real World Applications Of Physical Activity

- The Real world applications of physical activity The need for a more physical society comes down to the why it is important, and the applications that are useful to each person. Our society is not aware of the benefits being a part of a fit and physically aware being. There are many factors that play into this knowledge that needs to be shared among the masses. All of this falls under the category of real life applications of such activity. In Canada there are tax incentives that are being initiated in order to try to help stimulate a more fit society, which also can help many other aspects of everyday life....   [tags: Exercise, Physical exercise, Physical fitness]

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Moral Facts And The Real World Consequences

- The study of Metaethics has always been the favorite topic of philosophers since the beginning of written philosophy. To this day, many renowned philosophers like Plato and Socrates were faced with the task of understanding what moral concepts are, and where they originate from. One of the oldest philosophical dilemmas is the Euthyphro dilemma which asks the questions “Do the gods love one thing because it is good or it is good because the gods love it” This type of dilemma continues to be subject of many ethical discussions....   [tags: Morality, Ethics, Moral relativism]

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My Writing Skills For The Real World

- ... ' ' My sentences were easier to read and they had the style that the teacher was looking for. As these examples show, I have become more aware of the style in my writing, which is how I have developed critical thinking skills. Another strength that I gathered in this course is to stop repeating myself. In my third essay, I repeat twice the same information in my introduction. Without realizing I wrote, "Money changed soccer in the 90s to how it is today" and at the end of the paragraph I wrote, ' 'There are many contrasts between soccer from the 90s and the presents thanks to the money’’ (Business or Sport-Introduction....   [tags: Writing, Essay, Mexican Drug War, Communication]

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Architectural Curriculum Students and The Real World

- Architecture is a layering of systems in relation to one another to give significance to the built form. Likewise practice of architecture operates in a similar framework, within a series of governing systems. It is within this system of regulatory factors that architects strive to provide solutions through design interventions. Although throughout the curriculum of architecture it is consistently reiterated that architecture is a field of passion, a starving artist profession. This is done with little or no emphasis on architecture as a service business, but rather architecture as pure design, where the ideal actually lies between the two....   [tags: Political Framework, Business Inset]

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Real World Exposure and CVA Simulation

- ... This is equivalent to adjusted risk-neutral pricing for a given subset of stochastic paths, though this pricing is done independently at all forward model steps in contrast to the risk-neutral pricing with market states evolved from the same spot market data by a stochastic process under a common measure. Below we outline this straightforward and well-known implementation methodology yet we further enhance it to join real-world simulation specifics with the evident benefits of risk-neutral American Monte Carlo pricing....   [tags: Solvency II and Nested Simulations]

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Real World Application of OD Principles

- In every walk of life there is some type of organizational structure, whether school, churches, social, sports, or labor, organizational issues, culture, and management change. The world of organizational development (OD) presents professional approaches to weakness and strengths used to turn negative outcomes into positive one and develop strategies that will promote productivity, effective growth and profits. “Successful change in organizations happens with specific purpose and requires leadership” (Brown, 2012, p....   [tags: Business Management ]

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Cyberwarfare in the Real World

- Cyber warfare, the use of computers to fight in cyberspace, is both effective in playing offense and defense in a modern day war. “Cyber war uses computer software to attack an enemy’s computer systems” (Smith). In today’s world, there is cyber warfare all over the place, you just cannot see it. Cyber warfare takes place in the ‘cyber realm’ also known as the internet. The people that take part in the online “war” are the hackers, and their victims. The hackers can take control of their victim’s computer in a variety of different ways....   [tags: hackers, security breaches, cyberterrorism]

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the real world

- The Real World. "This is the true story of seven strangers picked to live in a loft and have their lives taped. Find out what happens when people stop being polite and start getting real”, so starts every episode of a popular TV show on MTV called The Real World. This show is based on the idea of having no script or actors, and to just see what happens when strangers live together and interact with each other for three months. This show has been on for over a decade now and is still a popular show even though throughout the last ten years the show has changed in many ways....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Your Journey Into the Real World

- No representation is absolutely true when it comes to people. Admittedly, the representation here of a Millennial candidate and Boomer takes a bit of a poetic license. It’s meant to help the Millennial keep their sense of humor, perspective and and connect with what is sure to be an older manager. Recently I read an article in the New York Times called "American Dream is Elusive for a New Generation". It states that there is a 37% unemployment rate for the Millennial generation based on data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics....   [tags: Employment]

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The Real World or the Fake World

- The Real World or the Fake World Real World or Fake World. Science Fiction not only deals with science in todays world, but also with science in the future. In the futuristic novel Snow Crash, by Neal Stevenson, and in the movie The Matrix computers become a huge part of the future society. Even though technology advances so much in futuristic societies, these futuristic societies still share some of the same aspects of todays world. Snow Crash and The Matrix express what life in the future might become....   [tags: Literature Science Fiction Books Papers]

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The Unreality of MTV's The Real World

- The Unreality of MTV's The Real World      “This is the true story, of seven strangers, picked to live in a house, and have their lives taped, to find out what happens when people stop being polite, and start getting real”(MTV). This marks the beginning of MTV’s reality show, The Real World. The show takes 7 strangers, puts them in a trendy luxurious home, taping them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for about 4 months. The cameras capture petty arguments, late night hook ups, and pure laziness. How could this not be real....   [tags: Media Television MTV Reality TV]

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Is Education Enough for the Real World?

- Is Education Enough for the Real World. Is a college education enough to prepare and teach you about life. A college education is important to prepare you for a career in a specialized field, but it cannot prepare you for the real world. Through my experience as a 23 year-old woman, I can say that I have learned more outside of school to prepare me for my future life. I have had to learn more through outside resources, family, friends, and love-interest relationships to be able to survive as a strong-minded female in today's society....   [tags: Womens Education Argumentative Papers]

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Comparing The Real World and Survivor

- Comparing The Real World and Survivor While MTV's The Real World places twenty-somethings in unique arrangements in which to live as they would like for several months, CBS's Survivor elicits peculiar behavior from contestants living in unusual circumstances. Despite fundamental differences, the continued success of both The Real World[1] and Survivor[2] illustrates that American viewers love to watch reality television shows with interesting locales, competitions or tasks, and natural personal relations....   [tags: Comparison Contrast Essays Reality Television]

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The Real World Of Technology B

- In her book, The Real World of Technology (1999), Ursula M. Franklin argues that technology has a disruptive effect on humanity. If left-unchecked technology will eventually destroy society as we know it. Franklin illustrates her point by focusing on the effects technology has had on society and cultures in the past. She uses examples from China before the Common Era to the Roman Empire, with a majority of examples coming form the last one hundred and fifty years. Such as the Industrial Revolution and the invention of electronic mail....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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Augmented Reality And Its Effects On The Real World

- ... For example, the chin turret in a helicopter gunship can be multifariously coerced to the pilot’s HMS, so the pilot can aim the chin turret simply by looking at the target. Technologists suggest that future generations of aircraft combat will be developed with an HMD built into the pilot’s helmet. In the entertainment industry, “virtual sets” merge actors with virtual backgrounds, in 3-D. The actors stand in front of a large blue screen which scripts their motion, while a computer controlled camera’s location that is tracked records the scene....   [tags: Augmented reality, Virtual reality]

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The Effects Of Video Games On Real World Behavior

- ... They wrote a synopsis of what they found and this is what they had to say: "Annual trends in video game sales for the past 33 years were unrelated to violent crime both concurrently and up to four years later. Unexpectedly, monthly sales of video games were related to concurrent decreases in aggravated assaults and were unrelated to homicides. Searches for violent video game walkthroughs and guides were also related to decreases in aggravated assaults and homicides two months later. Finally, homicides tended to decrease in the months following the release of popular M-rated violent video games." Another study from Stetson University researcher suggests violent video games do no lead to i...   [tags: Crime, Violence, Video game controversy]

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Are Theories of Dividend Payment Applicable in the Real World

- Introduction Dividends are the distribution of profits in the company. It depends on the type of dividend policy made by companies. Dividend policy will affect the behaviours and attitudes of investors towards the company. Many economists or financial experts have constructed different theories to interpret the effects of a dividend policy to the society. But these theories are contestable since they are not tested in the real world. Managers’ decision on determining the size and time of a company’s next dividend payment is also important for both companies and shareholders....   [tags: corporate finance]

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Impact Of Financial Accounting On Real World Companies

- ... Another, major determining factor is the life expectancy of the equipment. Equipment that Northwest currently uses has a life span of approximately three years; this means that the return on investment needs to be realized within the assets life expectancy. American Airlines has an extremely costly fleet of tangible assets. They currently have a 20 to 25 year commitment to Boeing for buying new aircraft. Analysis of these assets is even more crucial due to the extremely long lead times as well as extreme costs....   [tags: Asset, Balance sheet]

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Working Is The Real World And Better Ourselves As A Young Adult

- Working Is Fundamental Majority of us devote four years of our lives to an institution that is supposed to prepare us for the real world and better ourselves as a young adult. During the course of these four years at an institution or college, new responsibilities arise as we become more independent and exposed to the real life struggle of financial difficulties. Not only do college students have to pay for tuition, housing, and books, but, ordinary living as well. At these times of need, working throughout college serves as a huge benefit....   [tags: Debt, University, Loan, Student]

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Human Nature : A Viable Model Of The Real World

- Yet, to me, human nature should always be the foundation of any utopian society for it to be a viable model of the real world. The purposely created societies ignorant of human nature are unstable and would soon become dystopia instead; only by thoroughly considering human nature can people establish a nourishing and long-lasting society. All Three Early Modern Utopias have sufficient resources as their premise, but differ greatly in the extent of human control. Among the three, Utopia involves the greatest amount of human control, The Isle of Pines the least, with New Atlantis achieving a fairly good balance between the two extremes....   [tags: Utopia, Dystopia, Utopian and dystopian fiction]

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Economics : Preparing Young Adults For The Real World

- Economics: Preparing Young Adults for the Real World As a senior in high school, college seemed like a right of passage. The excitement I felt when I received acceptance letters from both universities I applied to was indescribable. During the application process, I was hopeful that the financial aspect of college would work itself out. This could not be farther from the truth. Although I had taken a seminar covering economics, ecology, and ethics, it did not prepare me for managing finances. By the end of my freshman year, I will have accumulated over 5,000 dollars of debt....   [tags: Economics, Economy, Social sciences, Finance]

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Who Is The Real Enemy Of World War I?

- ... Germany did not begin mobilization until late July 1914, starting with calling back soldiers from leave. Germany chose to mobilize once it seemed serious that Russia’s military preparations were coming together; however, Russia was ensuring that they would not be exposed due to Austria-Hungary’s rapid mobilization into Serbia and fastening plans for another attack. The existing naval race between Germany and Britain had shattered many friendships, and further the military preparations shattered any possibility of an alliance....   [tags: World War I, World War II, Royal Navy]

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How School Prepares Us For The Real World

- There are many ways in which school prepares us for the real world. Going to school, teaches us how to become everyday workers. School is an everyday work environment where we constantly have to be on top of the tasks given to us and that’s exactly what things are like when we grow up and join the work force. The same way you might fail a class if you don’t do your school work, you will get fired from a job you may have in the future. If you are a student that slacks off and either doesn’t take the time to study or just doesn’t even bother to show up to class a lot of the time, you will be at a huge risk of failing your class....   [tags: Education, High school, Teacher, School]

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The Student Will Use Equations Solve Real World Problems

- Learning Objective 1: The student will use equations to solve real world problems. (Behaviorism) Teachers who use the behaviorist theory in the classroom create rewarding experiences for students. Students work for things that make them feel good and proud of themselves. They cherish the feeling of getting approval from a teacher they admire. Most behavior can be learned or unlearned. The learning objective for a sixth grade at the school is: The teacher starts the lesson by reviewing what equations are and how they are used in everyday life....   [tags: Learning, Education, Problem solving, Lesson plan]

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How Students Learn Solving Real World Problems

- ... Element three is sustained inquiry. This element is evident when students are engaged for a period of time, asking questions, finding resources and developing answers. The fourth element is authenticity. This element provides the real world connection for the students. Student voice and choice is element number five. This is where students are able to choose the direction their project will take. The sixth element is reflection, which is done by both students and teachers. Reflection is done on the learning, the activities of the project, the quality of work, and any challenges that arose (BIE, 2015)....   [tags: Education, High school, Learning, Skill]

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Video Game Violence Sparks Real World Controversy

- Video Game Violence Sparks Real World Controversy A loud crack echoes through a school hallway and what seemed to be a peaceful day of education, turn into a lesson in terror and fear. For years, school related violence has always been on the table for debate. Of all the topics that come up, the one that strikes fear and panic into the hearts of many is a school shooting. When one occurs, people are in a frenzy to figure out all the information as quickly as they can. As a result, many fingers get pointed in all sorts of directions....   [tags: school shootings, sociology]

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Women in the Media and Women in the Real World

- “They have ads of how you should dress and what you should look like and this and that, and then they say ‘but respect people for what they choose to be like.’ Okay so which do we do first?” said sixteen year old, Kelsey (“Media and Girls”). Women and girls aren’t fairly portrayed in the media they are classified by the littlest things like hair color, body size, and how smart they are. The media sends images of what the “perfect” girl should be like; an unfair image of women is portrayed in the media....   [tags: protrayed, advertising, networks]

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The Real World: It's Not Reality TV, It's Reality!

- The Real World: It's Not Reality TV, It's Reality. I’ve entered the real world, finally. It’s what one works toward after he endures the rigors of academia. High School prepares you for college, and if you’re lucky enough to attend college you will learn a great many things. In High School I learned how to add, subtract, multiply, divide, the basics of biology, and how to write a decent expository essay on any subject. In college I learned about philosophers, composers and playwrights like Shakespeare and Nietzche, Wagner and Brecht....   [tags: Personal Narrative]

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High School Graduate in the Real World

- High School Graduate in the Real World With surprisingly minimal reluctance I face my new life. My heart is filled with excitement, while my mind teems with anxiety. Everything has changed. I suppose it really hasn’t, but it seems as if one little difference can make you feel like the whole world is turning inside out. I go about what will soon become routine for me without any second thoughts. Perhaps none of this has sunk in yet. I sit alone in a tiny cubicle only about five feet square and examine my new surroundings....   [tags: Personal Narrative Essays]

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College Not Apart from ‘Real World’

- College Not Apart from ‘Real World’ “Welcome to the real world.” It is the phrase that most people quote when greeting college graduates, aside from “you have been preapproved for a credit card,” and it is quickly becoming redundant and, quite frankly, annoying. No doubt, it often is said with love and affection, easing off of the lips disgruntled office workers, perhaps wishing they could escape back to those “safe” college years when Ma and Pa were sending checks in the mail and their only worries were how they were going to get the keg into their buddies’ dormitory....   [tags: Education Learning Essays]

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Social Media: The Death of Real World Interaction

- “If Facebook was a country, it’d be larger than China in three years.” (McMillan) The amount of people using this single website alone, out of the hundreds of social media on the Internet, has overtaken the entire population of the United States long ago. There are vast amounts of people scattered around the globe taking part in the use of social media. Although a very large part of the population uses it regularly, there are still many negative elements about it. Such include the blossoming of unreliable news, privacy concerns and the decline in happiness within the people....   [tags: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube]

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The Real World: Reality in Middlemarch

- What makes Middlemarch such a realistic novel is the situations and the characters in the novel are applicable to everyday life. Although the novel is fictitious, many of the characters are not overly inflated into superfluous unrealistic personalities; rather, they are relatable descriptions of everyday people. The situations may sometimes be dramatic, but no more so than in real life. The settings and the surroundings in the town of Middlemarch are also appropriate with those of reality. The aspects of reality and realism throughout Middlemarch provide a much stronger connection and relationship with the reader....   [tags: European Literature]

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The World Of Dreams By Edgar Allan Poe

- Isabella Calcatera Mr. Robel AP Lit 28 April, 2016 Dreamland Explication Essay The world of dreams is a confusing and ever shifting place. In Edgar Allan Poe’s poem, “Dreamland” the reader is brought into his world of dreams and shown not only the odd and boundless landscape, but also Poe’s own feelings toward his dreams and even his waking world. In the first stanza of the poem the journey to Dreamland is described. In line one Poe describes his path to dreamworld as “obscure and lonely” and “haunted by ill angels.” The paradox of the phrase “ill angels,” is interesting to note....   [tags: Edgar Allan Poe, Poetry, The Real World]

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Big, Big World, By Emilia Rydberg

- In today’s society, people more and more express themselves and reflect the current social situation with artistic languages. Songs, some of the most important artistic language, have had a huge influence on people’s inner worlds and society’s diverse cultures. Colbie Caillat said,“A great song should lift your heart, warm the soul and make you feel good”(Liscomb 1). Obviously, wonderful songs not only show the artistic forms but also can evoke listeners’ emotions and resonate with listeners through a perfect combination of its lyrics and music....   [tags: Emotion, Love, Debut albums, The Real World]

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Real World Process Improvements – Electronic Health Records

- The implementation of new information technology systems into existing organisations is not a new concept as the possible process improvements for a business can be fairly obvious when compared to more traditional non-computer based systems. One sector, which for the most part is transitioning into using information systems in an attempt to improve processes, is the health sector. This report observes and analyses multiple real life cases of health care providers from the United States who have decided to upgrade from traditional paper based patient charts to computer based Electronic Health Records (EHR)....   [tags: Information Technology, Organizational Management]

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High School Should Help Us Get Ready For The Real World

- A lot of people don’t know that they have to do more with their education and get a good paying job. If you are declined a job that you know you will enjoy, but don 't have the college papers for a job can get disappointing. Some people are not inspired to go to college, and others can’t afford it. Other issues involved with the skills gap for jobs is the high requirements for that area of work, and peoples soft skills. High school is supposed to help you plan you for the real world, but not many classes help teach you the real world....   [tags: High school, School, Want, Minimum wage]

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High School Has Changed And Prepared Me For The Real World

- ... When you get out of high school, and take that next step, responsibility is key. There won 't be anyone on your butt about getting your work done, or even showing up. You won’t be held accountable nearly as much, and life is much more dependant on what you choose to do. I never listened to my teachers or my parents and did really whatever I wanted. That lead to me getting in the habit of not getting work done and procrastinating to the extreme. Two things that will cost you your job in the real world....   [tags: High school, Teacher, Sophomore, College]

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Curriculum Integration : A Integrated Curriculum As A Holistic Way And Reflects The Real World

- The education world is constantly evolving with the introduction of new strategies and content. With the constant changes, some things that are introduced enhance students learning, while some may not. One of the newer strategies that has begun to be used by many professionals in the education field is curriculum integration. Shoemaker defined integrated curriculum as, “….. education that is organized in such a way that it cuts across subject-matter lines, bringing together various aspects of the curriculum into meaningful association to focus upon broad area of study....   [tags: Education, Educational psychology]

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How Computing Can Be Hidden Without Altering Its Real World Impact

- SUMMARY The papers address contemporary challenges encountered in enabling computing to invisibly blend into human lives with the aim to improve it. The paper introduces the concept of ‘embodied virtuality’ [1]. How computing can be hidden without altering its real world impact. An intelligent computer will contribute towards solving a problem without the user being able to feel its presence. An example can be ‘Siri’ on an ‘iPhone’ mobile device. Siri is a computer software that uses sensors and microphone to conduct voice recognition....   [tags: Computer, Computing, Wireless, Wireless network]

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Is Self- Esteem Has Significance With Real World- Consequences Is A Valid Concern

- The question of whether self- esteem has significance with real world- consequences is a valid concern. Ulrich Orth and Richard W. Robins provide the answer, with evidence contributed by researched studies, in their article The Development of Self- Esteem that self- esteem, in fact, does influence societal significance. With the determination on self- esteem trajectory from adolescence to old age, self- esteem stability, and the relationship between levels of self-esteem and predictions of success and failure, one can conclude that self- esteem influences life outcomes; moreover, people can participate to involvements focused at positively influencing the development of self- esteem....   [tags: Self-esteem, Individual, Old age, Ageing]

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Changing The Culture Within A Real World Situation Of My Choice

- Have you ever attempted to change the culture or behavior within an organization. Many think that when they become the boss of some form of business they will easily walk into that organization and be able to impose their will. I feel that is easier said than done. In this paper, I will apply a strategy to changing the culture within a real world situation of my choice. Furthermore, I will explain why I would choose to use these ideas as my strategy and discuss how the application of these ideas tie to the six influence sources given by the authors of the book Influencer....   [tags: Motivation, Incentive, Incentive program]

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Fuzzy Logic Is a Way to Deal with Imprecise Concepts

- ... Already recognized internationally for his work with mathematical systems, Zadeh’s paper on fuzzy logic started a new phase in his career, and since then almost all of his publications have concerned fuzzy logic or soft computing (Zadeh). Fuzzy logic is a more realistic way of dealing with imprecise concepts, and thus it can be applied to imprecise situations in the real world. As Peterson writes, rather than dealing with true or false, “fuzzy logic deals with the degree of truth, expressed as an assigned value between zero and one....   [tags: real world, computing, analysis]

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Magic Realism: Friend or Foe

- ... “‘He's an angel,’ she told them. ‘He must have been coming for the child, but the poor fellow is so old that the rain knocked him down.’" The family of the child believed that it was a miracle and they housed him. In fear of the burden that he brought, they secretly wished he would fly away, and he did. “Elisenda let out a sigh of relief, for herself and for him, when she saw him pass over the last houses, holding himself up in some way with the risky flapping of a senile vulture.” The magic aspect of this short story kept the story alive, the detail of the ‘angel’ was astonishing....   [tags: image, real, world, fantasy]

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Cheating in School Versus Cheating in the Real World

- Cheating in School Versus Cheating in the Real World Cheating has been a major concern for institutions of higher learning. Institutions fear cheating because of the reputation dishonest people will establish for that institution. After a student has learned several successful ways to cheat and not be caught, is he or she more likely to employ the same tactics in his or her workplace. The student will use those tactics, but in the real world, such acts are not called “cheating tactics,” but “business strategy.” Several years ago, Clemson University was approached by a perspective employer....   [tags: Business]

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Reaching My Students Through Real World Experiences

- Reaching My Students Through Real World Experiences High school teachers face the challenge of preparing their students for the real world. Students need real world preparation, not just acumen. Reaching my students involves building encouraging relationships and a sense of security within the classroom. Sharing my personal experiences, as well as the testimonies of others, can be an effective motivational tool for preparing college-bound students for the real world. My role as a teacher involves communicating the many obstacles college students face....   [tags: Education Learning Teaching Papers]

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The Real Tennis: World Cup of Tennis

- “Marrero and Verdasco mixed up net and baseline play to negotiate a break of the Stepanek serve to 30 for a 5-4 lead in the first set.” This is the language of tennis and this is what I belong to. I’m a big tennis fan and also a tennis player. I will watch every single match in the ATP world tour final and the World Cup of Tennis. Tennis match gets me excited and bursts my fire inside my heart. I love tennis so I join tennis team in high school and in college. Tennis has made a significant impact to the world and unlike other sports, each member has their own unique ranking in the team, ranking is essential for each tennis team member....   [tags: language, tennis, payer, match, final, team]

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The French and Indian War: The "Real" First World War

- The Seven Years War, or more commonly referred to as “The French and Indian War”, has been called the true First World War. In this book The French and Indian War: Deciding the Fate of North America, the author and historian Walter R. Borneman paints a detailed and elaborate picture that justifies the claim of it being the first true war of global proportions. If ever there truly was a climax to the never ending feud of the European powers that be, Borneman would like to suggest that it was The Seven Years War....   [tags: Literary Analysis]

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Positives And Negatives Of Being Connected From Different Communities

- In this essay, I will be weighing up the positives and negatives of being connected to different communities due to today’s technology, and the effect this could have on the cultures of the world. In today’s world, the internet is a widely used utility, with a wide variety of uses. One of the biggest affordances is that it lets people communicate with people from all around the world, people who they would not normally be able to connect with. There are many platforms which allow people to do this; there is Twitter, Facebook, Email, and many more....   [tags: Culture, The Culture, Sociology, The Real World]

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Outward Expression : The Impact Of Modern Photography

- Outward expression: The impact of modern photography With roughly 576 mega pixels the human eye is more than capable of captivating this magnificent world (Clarkvision). Thousands of billions of precious moments seen by every human. Continually occurring wanted or not, "Images like those in ‘Precious Time’ are difficult for anyone to look at, yet we need to know that this, too. ” (Documentary Photography). The ability to record of every single instant is unfortunately virtually impossible and has always been a problem....   [tags: Art, Aesthetics, The Real World, Media]

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Violent Video Game Should be Banned

- Violent video games should not be banned from the United States. Violent video games are not related to real-world violence. These games in fact can enhance reading and visual skills that can be used in the real world. Even if a state was to ban the sale of violent video games they would be going against the constitution. Also statistics show that while violent video game sales increase teen violence decreases. There should be no banning of violent video games anytime soon. First of all video games can benefit the person playing the game....   [tags: real-world-violence, visual skills]

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Is Reality Show For A Change?

- ... In such way, Reality TV serves as a good learning source for young adults because it offers them with the knowledge for comprehending the ins and outs of what the real world is outside a sheltered life. There is a social standard set for reality TV to be a negative guidance for teenagers because it has been misunderstood as a lead for depression as it sets a demeaning interpretation of what is to be value in life. Wolcott James offers one of the many opinions that are given to reality shows, “In the voyeurism of Reality TV, the viewer 's passivity is kept intact, pampered and massaged and force-fed Chicken McNuggets of carefully edited snippets that permit him or her to sit in easy judgm...   [tags: Television, Reality television, The Real World]

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Project-based Learning in the Classroom

- Project-based learning is the inquiry project that I have selected as my subject for investigation. In Project-based Learning, or PBL, activity in the classroom moves away from teacher-centered instruction. PBL activities and practices are student centered, interdisciplinary, and integrate real-world practices and problems. PBL promotes student understanding by promoting the acquisition of real knowledge by exploring, making judgments, and synthesizing information. PBL allows students to practice the skills they will need as adults in the real working world (Project-based learning handbook)....   [tags: real-world, student-centered, pragmatic]

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Nomos vs. Physis in Sophocles’Antigone and the Modern World

- Nomos vs. Physis in Sophocles’Antigone and the Modern World The Greek play, Antigone, written by Sophocles in the year 441 BCE, honors the Greek god of wine, Dionysus. It is hard to imagine that a play, written century ago for an imaginary god, would still be widely popular and have great significance in today's world. Using two main characters, Antigone and Creon, Sophocles creates a dialogue that examines two very different views of nomos (law) and physis (nature), the focal point of all Greek beliefs....   [tags: Antigone Real World]

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Aldous Huxley 's Brave New World Becomes All Too Real

- ... However, the truth is, happiness does not come from one specific place. Happiness is a matter of personal choice. Happiness is a state of mind that has to be personally accepted and personally defined by anyone who wishes to obtain it. Many people in this world think they have no sense of what happiness is, so they turn to others to help them find it. They invest in counselors, psychologist, and self-help books. But again, happiness is a state of mind based on personal opinion and it cannot be found by anyone other than the person seeking it....   [tags: Brave New World, Aldous Huxley, Huxley family]

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My Classroom University Education : An Essential And Integral Part Of My Real World Architectural Practice

- My classroom university education has been an essential and integral part of my real world architectural practice. Not only has university given me the technical knowledge and ability to use software. It has given me the ability to document my ideas and present them while still being open to criticism and growth. These skills taught at school are crucial for the profession. I do recognize that working in architectural practices is a totally different experience to the knowledge learnt at an architectural University....   [tags: Design, Construction, Project management, Learning]

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The Themes Of Lewis Carroll 's Wonderland, One Can See About The Real World

- By looking at Alice in Wonderland, one can see that Lewis Carroll included the themes of growing up and life lessons because he was trying to teach the children he watched over real lessons about the real world. He was a man and knew how to communicate with children in a way that made sense to them. we will be looking at what he did and how he is still helping people ahev a great time to this day. Lewis Carroll had 10 siblings almost all of which were female. he was the second oldest in thefamily and took to rugby quite well....   [tags: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Cheshire Cat]

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The Real-World Effects of Virtual Violence: Perspectives on Video Games and Mass Media

- There is no doubt of the fact that video games are becoming more realistic and violent, nor that they are becoming much more beautiful and engaging in the way they look. What many people doubt, though, is whether they have a profound effect on a person’s character or not. Aggression as a result of video games seems to be a nebulous issue among much of the public. The research is there, but it is fragmented and covers many different issues that could (and are) problematic as far as video games go....   [tags: Violence ]

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If real world markets can be made to resemble more closely the model

- If real world markets can be made to resemble more closely the model of perfect competition, economic efficiency will improve. Explain why Perfect competition is generally regarded as economically more efficient. Chris Simons ============ "If real world markets can be made to resemble more closely the model of perfect competition, economic efficiency will improve." a) Explain why Perfect competition is generally regarded as economically more efficient. (20 marks) The model of perfect competition describes market where there is a high degree of competition....   [tags: Economics]

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Using Real World examples, illustrate both some of the potential

- Using Real World examples, illustrate both some of the potential benefits of monopolies and explain how monopoly firms may be able to engage in price discrimination practices. A monopolistic market or company is one where there is non existent competition. There is one leading market domineer that is producing and supplying the entire market. In a monopolistic market the company in question can determine prices or the amount of products sold to work in their advantage. The power of a monopoly company is that it can completely dominate a particular market subject to whether or not there are existing or up and coming substitutes....   [tags: Economics]

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Leadership in One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest and Leadership in the Real World

- Leadership in One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest and Leadership in the Real World The theme of leadership in the ward does not mirror the outside world very accurately, as in contemporary society a leader of a society or an organisation is almost always accountable to a person senior to him. This is not seen in the novel, as Big Nurse seems to be answerable to no one, in fact, it is arguable that everyone answers to her. A hierarchy or class system operates inside the ward which can be clearly seen throughout the course of the novel....   [tags: Ken Kesey's One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest]

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The Pain Of Isolation And The Relief Of Escape

- The pain of isolation and the relief of escape are both present in "Hunters in the Snow," by Tobias Wolff, and "Paul 's Case," by Willa Cather. "Hunters in the Snow" concerns a trio of “friends” --the submissive, obese Tub, the blunt Frank, and the impulsive, impetuous Kenny-- who go on a hunting trip in the numbing snow. Out of anger and fear, Tub shoots Kenny, and Tub and Frank attempt to find a hospital, while they take the opportunity to bond with one another, revealing their secrets buried inside of them....   [tags: Earth, World, The Real World, The Whole World]

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Rhetorical analysis of Michael Gerson's article

- The transition from a convenience based to a cost conscious economy has certainly been a rough path for the western world especially the United States. After the recent economic turmoil that received extensive media coverage during the first decade of the 21st centaury, budget trims is a common knowledge from small business organizations to large multi-national corporations. This is evident in the privileges and conveniences consumers and employees receive at an establishment. A classic example of revenue management and optimization is in the airline industry....   [tags: The Real World Effects of Budget Cuts, Analysis]

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Water Scarcity Is a Real Problem in Today's World

- ... Of that 3 percent, the vast majority is used for agricultural (70 percent) and industrial (22 percent) purposes. Less than 1 percent of the world’s freshwater is readily accessible for human use (drinking, cooking, and hygiene). (Rights, 9) There is so much water in the world, but most of the water is saltwater that we cannot use. Then even the water we can use is 3 percent of how much water there is in the world. Now with China, India, and the United States being affected by the water scarcity, they will also be affected by the impact of not producing enough grain....   [tags: global, contamination,aquifers]

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Augmented Reality

- 1.1 BACKGROUND The ability to superimpose real-time computer animation onto the real world is commonly known as augmented reality (AR). AR differs from virtual reality where it requires the real time markers for it to function. It allows merging of virtual information with the real environment to provide users with more immersive interaction with their surroundings. AR provides new experience of the real world that is unlike another computer animation that draws the users away from the real world and onto the screen (Hainich & Rolf, 2006)....   [tags: Technology, Real World]

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My Day At The Breakfast Table

- One Saturday morning at the breakfast table, 9-year-old Tommy was sitting with his head lowered, looking indifferently at his meal. His grandpa was watching him thoughtfully from the other side of the table. After a minute of silence, grandpa asked with a sensitive, soft voice, "Tommy, he started, - would you like to join me and your grandma and go buy groceries this afternoon. We can go on a walk and get ice cream afterwards." - he finished with hope in his voice. Tommy looked at him without any smile and shrugged his shoulders....   [tags: Grandparent, Family, The Real World, Thought]

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How Magic Plays in the Real World with St. Thomas Aquinas' Writing, Summa Contra Gentiles

- ... Based off of Aquinas work, Summa Contra Gentiles, one would assume that he did believe in magic, although he did not come outright and say it. Nevertheless, he informed his readers that magicians performed their magic not just through God and heavenly ways, but also through celestial ways. They may not have performed their magic with just God’s powers help, yet they would not have been able to perform with only celestial ways either, they came together hand in hand. However, he explained that magic that came from the “heavenly bodies” was natural magic....   [tags: theology, power, God]

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Women’s Quality of Life and Work

- One hundred fifty thousand dollars is a considerable sum with which to work. The scope of my plan of requires at least as much. I believe that my plan addresses several contemporary problems: The plight of divorced, widowed or otherwise single women who have little or no experience in the business world, the simultaneous stress on personal finances and the likely stagnation of real estate development for the foreseeable future. My plan is not for profit, but rather a mechanism to support and enrich the lives of women who wish to the techniques of investing and improving homes through sweat equity, their own skills and supporting female contractors....   [tags: women, business world, equity, real state]

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Technology in Today’s World: Online Communication

- Technology in Today’s World Online communication has impacted human relationships in a quite remarkable way. Anybody with internet access can have a conversation with other people regardless the physical distance and even the language barrier. In most societies, people express their opinions online about social, political or artistic events. However, as it happens with other human activities, online communication has a paradoxical nature. Although contrived to enhance and facilitate contacts, it has turned out to be counterproductive in some aspects....   [tags: real connections, identity, peers]

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