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Definition Essay - Art and Excellence

- Definition Essay - Art and Excellence Art is why I get up in the morning, but my definition ends there, ya know, it doesn’t seem fair that I’m living for something I can’t even define, and there you are right there in the meantime. –Ani DiFranco, “Out of Habit,” Living in Clip Art seems to be such an all-encompassing word it defies definition. The artist Ani DiFranco blatantly says in her music that she cannot define art although it is intimately and passionately tied into her life and interpersonal relationships....   [tags: Expository Definition Essays]

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Definition Essay - Art is Anything

- Definition Essay - Art is Anything Merriam-Webster’s Online Dictionary[1][1] defines art as “the conscious use of skill and creative imagination especially in the production of aesthetic objects; also, works so produced.” This definition is inclusive of most forms of art. Unfortunately, art goes far beyond this limiting sentence. Art can be thoughts, aesthetic creations, musical compositions, or choreography. Art can be seen, heard, and/or felt. Art is concrete and abstract, at the same time....   [tags: Expository Definition Essays]

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Definition Essay - What is Art?

- Definition Essay - What is Art. There are few questions quite as esoteric or as futilely subjective as the philosopher's "What is…?" Yet posing and answering this question in reference to the identity of art is critical to further discussions of our subject matter in this course. There is no way for us to discuss art until we have a working definition of what art is; we can't adequately use the term until we've defined it. To this end, I would like to submit this as a working definition: "Art is anything created for the purpose of communicating the sensations of emotional response to, or creating emotional response in, those who experience it." There are three advantages to t...   [tags: Expository Definition Essays]

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How to Reduce Cheating and Plagiarism

- How to Reduce Cheating and Plagiarism Early in the fall semester, a professor of American studies at Cornell found a three-page paper on the Internet analyzing a poem by Anne Bradstreet. A student in his course had just handed in that very paper. Accused of plagiarism, the student confessed that she had taken the paper from an Anne Bradstreet Web site. She had locked herself out of her apartment the night before the paper was due, she said, and without access to her notes had panicked. Two weeks later, the professor's wife, who teaches psychology, gave an examination to her advanced class....   [tags: Expository Process Essays]

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E-Retailing: Selling Products on the Web

- E-Retailing: Selling Products on the Web Retail is one of the more visible market sectors on the Web. In retail, merchants sell products and services directly to a buyer. E-retail, also called e-tail, occurs when retailers use the Web to sell their products and services (Sanchez 16). E-retailers constantly challenge the old ways of conducting business as they bring new products and services to market. All e-retailers, however, operate in a similar manner. A customer (consumer) visits an online business at the Web equivalent of a showroom: the electronic storefront....   [tags: Expository Essays Research Papers]

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Recording and Viewing Live Band Performances

- Recording and Viewing Live Band Performances Many people enjoy listening to music, but are always really excited to go see a live performance of their favorite bands. There’s something about the atmosphere of being with thousands of people who all love the same band you do. Everyone is going crazing and yelling and screaming for joy. Then the show ends. After the show fans usually stop by the souvenir stands and by a shirt or poster to commemorate their trip to see their favorite band play live....   [tags: Expository Essays Research Papers]

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Sex Selection and Pre-selection are Unethical

- Sex Selection and Pre-selection are Unethical and Unwise It wasn't until 1975 that scientist Ronald J. Ericsson, Ph.D. began studies that eventually led to what we refer to today as sex selection and/ or pre- selection. He began his determination by studying whether or not enriched sperm would aid in the offspring of a desired gender. This process was first established in the 1970s in which scientists stained X and Y sperm in order to identify them. Thorough studies have been accumulated during the last three decades due to an increase in the perceived need for a "balanced family" and "planned pregnancy" in regards to the "chosen baby." Sex selection and/or pre-selection, despite one's pre...   [tags: Genetic Engineering Expository Essays]

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The Benefits of Global Positioning Satellites

- The Benefits of Global Positioning Satellites Navigation systems are becoming more and more popular in cars. In a world where society wants everything fast and easy, a system which allows you to program a location and quickly get directions is sure to be a success. Early versions of these navigating systems installed a computer hard drive into the car. These were rather expensive and also somewhat clumsy to operate. The new systems which are called Global Positioning Satellites run off of satellite dishes that the military monitors....   [tags: Expository Essays Research Papers]

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The Future of High Definition Television

- The Future of High Definition Television “DTV is a much bigger step for television than the change from black and white to color” (Epstein, 12/99). The idea of a “digital television” came about nearly a decade ago in the early 1990’s when scientists realized that much more data could be sent to televisions if it was in a digital format, or a long series of 0’s and 1’s. This is the same method that computers use to send data and this method is very efficient. In fact, the data stream going into the television would be so great that 5 or 6 different channels could be broadcasted at the same time on the same frequency, giving viewers more options....   [tags: Expository Essays Research Papers]

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The Invention and Evolution of Television

- The Invention and Evolution of Television   The television is an invention that without a doubt changed the world. Televisions have been available for the public to own since the early ‘40s. Like every invention the Television’s popularity started off slow. At the end of World War Two about 8,000 households owned a television. At this point in time televisions were all black and white, small, and had no more than a few channels to choose from. The programming consisted of entertainment and there was little focus on news....   [tags: Expository Essays Research Papers]

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Yahoo! - The Internet Search Engine

- Yahoo. - The Internet Search Engine Yahoo. is my search engine of choice. In this paper I will discuss why I personally choose Yahoo. as my search engine and what I found out about the company. First, I choose Yahoo. for several reasons. The first reason being that is my laptops' home page. I find it a lot easier to search for something without searching for a different search engine. Second, I have heard good things about Yahoo. and I know that many of my classmates also use Yahoo!. The results that I get back when doing a search are usually adequate and I will ultimately use the results....   [tags: Expository Essays Research Papers]

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The Evolution of Electronic Court Coverage

- The Evolution of Electronic Court Coverage A trial is a public event. What transpires in the court room is public property...There is no special perquisite of the judiciary which enables it, as distinguished from other institutions of democratic government, to suppress, edit, or censor events which transpire in proceedings before it.” Justice William O. Douglas, 19471 “Picture taking in the courtroom is more than disconcerting....   [tags: Trial Justice Expository Essays]

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Internet Protocol - The Next Generation

- Internet Protocol - The Next Generation Internet Protocol, or IP is the addressing system used on the Internet. Due to the rapid expansion of the Internet, the current version, Ipv4, is in need of updating. Internet Protocol version 4 addresses "are 32-bit numbers often expressed as 4 octets in "dotted decimal" notation (for example," [IANA website]. This system supplies 4,294,967,296 (or 232) addresses. While this number may seem to be plenty, some say the internet is doubling in size every 9 months....   [tags: Expository Essays Research Papers]

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The Unspoken Dangers of Tanning Beds

- The Unspoken Dangers of Tanning Beds Tanning beds are devices that emit ultraviolet radiation (UV rays) in order to darken one’s skin complexion. It is believed that approximately 28 million Americans are tanning indoors, in some 25,000 tanning salons nationwide ( cdrh/consumer/tanning.html ). The rising popularity of tanning beds came about a few decades ago when the media and society started emphasizing that bronzed skin was “in.” A variety of people use tanning beds, both men and women, and for a variety of reasons; some use them as a weekly (or even daily) routine, others use them seasonally (when it’s hard to get a tan in the winter) and then of course there a...   [tags: Expository Essays Research Papers]

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Computer Use in the Construction Industry

- Computer Use in the Construction Industry Technological advances are benefiting the construction business in many different ways. On-line services, estimating software, and blueprint design (CAD) are just some of the areas that have enhanced the building world. Commercial and residential contractors are suddenly seeing how computer technology can benefit their business and are now utilizing it more and more everyday. For the past thirty to forty years, construction, technologies, and practices had hardly changed....   [tags: Expository Essays Research Papers]

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The Spiritual Athlete's Path to Enlightenment

- The Spiritual Athlete's Path to Enlightenment Throughout this world, there are many mysterious and amazing feats that can be found. People are capable of doing most incredible things that we have never deemed possible. Only by truly believing in ourselves can we accomplish what were thought as impossible goals. In Mount Hiei of Japan, there can be found a small group of monks who live in a monastery and can accomplish many remarkable challenges. This mountain had been a main attraction in Japan of Buddhism....   [tags: Expository Description Essays]

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Domestic Violence is a Global Problem

- A domestic violence incident occurs every 6-20 seconds. (British Crime Survey '2000) The British Crime Survey ‘2000 is stating a serious truth. As what is claimed on (American College of Emergency Physicians), “Domestic violence is the single largest cause of injury to women between the ages of 15 and 44 in the United States, more than muggings, car accidents, and rapes combined.” Not only in the United States but also spread world-wide, domestic violence is becoming a global issue. According to the definition from, domestic violence “occurs when one person uses force to inflict injury, either emotional or physical, upon another person they have, or had, a relationship wit...   [tags: Expository Essay Informative Essay]

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Hydrogen: the Fuel of the Future?

- Hydrogen: the Fuel of the Future. The Problem: For years, United States citizens have been using natural gases and oils to power their cars. While doing so we have also been polluting our environment, making ourselves dependant on other regions of the world, and depleting our oil reserves. Rory Sporrows of “Geographical” wrote, “The car is responsible for combusting eight million barrels of oil every day, contributing to nearly a quarter of total global greenhouse emissions and causing major increases in bronchial diseases like asthma and emphysema.” (2001) Oil is not a renewable resource....   [tags: Expository Gas Essays]

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Burlesque:The Unknown Cultural Phenomenon History 394

- Burlesque:The Unknown Cultural Phenomenon The term Burlesque is usually thought of as slightly naughty theatre produced and performed between the 1890s and World War II. Webster defines it as a literary or dramatic work that seeks to ridicule by means of grotesque exaggeration or comic imitation, mockery usually by caricature or theatrical entertainment of a broadly humorous often earthy character consisting of short turns, comic skits, and sometimes striptease acts. Today Burlesque has no meaning as a contemporary phenomenon to most Americans....   [tags: Entertainment Expository Burlesque Essays]

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The Unhealthy Diet of College Students

- The Unhealthy Diet of College Students People eat food every day without thinking twice about it, because it is a necessity for us to live. How often do you think about what is in the foods that you eat. How many calories does it have. Are there any vitamins and minerals in it. Is it high in fat. For most of us and especially college students who live a busy life on the go, the answer to that question is probably no. Since becoming a recent graduate of Indiana University of Pennsylvania Academy of Culinary Arts, I have been more interested in food and what people are eating....   [tags: Expository Research Essays]

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Lance Armstrong and Overcoming Obstacles

- Pedaling strong through the Pyrenees Mountains at remarkable speed, Lance Armstrong approached the tenth stage of the Tour de France. Beginning at an elevation of thirty-three feet above sea level, Armstrong was in sixteenth position with five minutes and fifty-four seconds separating him and the leader. For many this would be an insurmountable amount of time to makeup, especially on a stage containing such a grueling and exhausting climb, but Armstrong saw it as an opportunity to put his great mountain-climbing skills to work (Stein 60)....   [tags: Expository Essays Research Papers]

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Drinking Alcohol Causes Sexual Assault

- Drinking Alcohol Causes Sexual Assault There is a definite correlation between alcohol and sexual assault. A sexual assault can be defined as a sexual act occurring without verbal consent, or when force is used in a sexual encounter against the other person's will. Of all the men who admit to committing sexual assault, 55% report being under the influence of alcohol at the time, with 26% of the men being drunk (Stanford University, 1999). Of all the women who report being sexually assaulted, 53% of them report being under the influence of alcohol, with 21% of these women being drunk (Stanford University, 1999)....   [tags: Expository Cause Effect Essays]

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Sexual Harassment is No Joke

- Sexual Harassment is No Joke      "Hey that's sexual harassment and I don't have to take it!" Many women have made this comment in any uncomfortable situations. In today's society there has been confusion over what constitutes sexual harassment. It has been agreed upon that unwanted physical contact is classified as sexual harassment. However, all inappropriate language with a sexual overtone is also sexual harassment. Verbal comments such as sexual jokes and indecent comments reported or not, is sexual harassment....   [tags: Expository Exemplification Essays]

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The Cause of Eating Disorders

- The Cause of Eating Disorders Although the causes are many and varied, we know that people with eating disorders often use food and the control of food in an attempt to compensate for feelings and emotions that may otherwise seem overwhelming. For some, dieting, bingeing and purging may begin as a way to cope with painful emotions and a way to feel in control of one's life, but ultimately, these behaviors will damage a person's physical and emotional health, self-esteem and sense of competence and control....   [tags: Expository Anorexia Bulimia]

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Beliefs Taken to the Extremes

- Beliefs Taken to the Extremes          Belief is a fundamental human trait. Belief in many things is what helps humans continue living their lives. Religious beliefs are one of the strongest forces of human emotion and often times those emotions can create dangerous situations. When people's religious beliefs are taken to extreme levels innocent people can be hurt. All throughout history there have been examples of just such incidents occurring. From the Inquisition, to suicide bombers in Israel, to the fighting in Ireland, to the recent events at the World Trade Center religious beliefs taken to extremes have been seen....   [tags: Expository Exemplification Essays]

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Use of Drugs in School

- Use of Drugs in School   Kids of all ages are aware of and trying drugs. Most kids feel they have to join in to fit in, when a better solution would be to tell someone who can help. As children we are taught not to tell on one another or we are a tattletale or snitch. We need to stop the drug use before it stops our children. We need the kids to tell us where it is coming from and how we can help. Parents today know all too well how unsafe our schools are. All you have to do is turn on the news and there seems to be a story about violence in schools and how it is drug related....   [tags: Expository Cause Effect Essays]

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The Tragedy of Video Cameras

- The Tragedy of Video Cameras Wisps of hair playfully chased each other across my face as waves of hot, humid air gently blew across the park. Paper cups, chased by the wind, bounced merrily across the ground, pursued by laughing children. The children seemed unaffected by the heat and humidity, while the adults sat in abject misery, wishing the day were over. Dipping a napkin into a cup of ice water, I began wiping my face and neck, seeking relief from the heat. I was hot and perspiring heavily, causing my mascara to make black circles beneath my eyes....   [tags: Expository Exemplification Essays]

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Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapies

- Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapies       When many people hear the word "therapy," they think of something that has caused a problem and has to be fixed. In most cases, that is true. Most people think the problem may be an injury that has to be rehabilitated or an extreme mental problem where the person needs serious help. However, therapy does not always deal with injured or mentally troubled people. Three types of therapy that help a wide range of people with their problems are physical, occupational, and speech therapies....   [tags: Expository Classification Essays]

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Awesome, Such a Wonderful Word

- Awesome - Such a Wonderful Word There are multitudes of words in the English language. Some of these words are precisely defined, some have multiple meanings, and some are "token words" used to emphasize or elaborate ideas. For example, the number of definitions for the token word "awesome" is limited only to the imagination of the user. One Sunday afternoon I sat watching a basketball game. The Chicago Bulls were playing the L.A. Lakers. Michael Jordan, a star player for the Bulls, drove his way down court like a man with a mission....   [tags: Expository Definition Essays]

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Truly Living or Merely Existing

- Truly Living or Merely Existing The terms existing and living, as they apply to human beings, share some basic similarities; however, closer investigation philosophically reveals a very sharp contrast between the two. The American Heritage Dictionary, 6th ed., defines the word existing as "(1)to have actual being; to be real"; "(5) to be present under certain circumstances or in a specified place," and "to occur." Living, on the other hand, means "(5) to conduct one's life in a particular manner"; "(6) to pursue a positive, satisfying existence; to enjoy life." Men and women must be able to do certain things to exist as well as to live, but because they are endowed with the...   [tags: Expository Definition Essays]

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Definition Essay – Defining God

- Definition Essay – Defining God The concept of God can be a difficult one to grasp especially in today's world - a world in which anyone that believes in God is trying to define exactly what God is. To even attempt to grasp such a concept, one must first recognize his own beliefs in respect to the following questions: Is God our creator. Is God omnipotent (all-powerful) or omniscient (all-knowing) or both. Does God care. Is God with us. Does God interfere with life on earth. These questions should be asked and carefully answered if one should truly wish to identify his specific beliefs in God's existence and persistence....   [tags: Expository Definition Essays]

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The Process of DNA Replication

- The Process of DNA Replication The process of DNA replication plays a crucial role in providing genetic continuity from one generation to the next. Knowledge of the structure of DNA began with the discovery of nucleic acids in 1869. In 1952, an accurate model of the DNA molecule was presented, thanks to the work of Rosalind Franklin, James Watson, and Francis Crick. To reproduce, a cell must copy and transmit its genetic information (DNA) to all of its progeny. To do so, DNA replicates following the process of semi-conservative replication....   [tags: Expository Process Essays]

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Definition Essay - Defining Reality

- Definition Essay – Defining Reality The distinction that causes the most trouble in philosophy is the distinction between "appearance" and "reality," between what things seem to be and what they are. The painter wants to know what things seem to be, the practical man and the philosopher want to know what they are. . . . but if reality is not what appears, have we any means of knowing whether there is any reality at all. - Bertrand Russell, The Problems of Philosophy In everyday life people distinguish between the real size of the sun and the size it appears to be, between the natural components of a cloud (a concentration of water droplets) and what the cloud seems to be (some fleecy...   [tags: Expository Definition Essays]

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Data Collection and Individual Privacy

- Data Collection and Individual Privacy In deliberation of the topic of the use of individual information, the moral issue of importance is whether public or private sector entities have the right to create individual profiles of consumers and their obligation in protecting the consumer's privacy is in question. The exponential growth of the information age in particular the personal computer has created a situation where economies of the public and private sector are at odds with the privacy of the consumer or citizen....   [tags: Expository Exemplification Essays]

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The Causes of Eating Disorders

- The Causes of Eating Disorders There is no single cause for eating disorders. A number of factors, including cultural and family pressures, chemical imbalances, and emotional and personality disorders collaborate to produce both anorexia and bulimia, although each disorder is determined by different combinations of these influences. Genetics may also play a small role. Between 40% to 96% of all eating-disordered patients experience depression and anxiety disorders; depression is also common in families of patients with eating disorders....   [tags: Expository Cause Effect Essays]

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The Many Faces of Freedom?

- The Many Face of Freedom. Freedom is a concept that people are often willing to die for and it is the cause of much fighting. However, few people ever claim to dislike freedom. This raises an interesting question: how can people fight over what is generally considered to be a positive idea. Does this mean that someone must be against freedom. The answer is that people cannot agree on what freedom is, thus numerous groups can claim to be "for freedom" while strongly disagreeing on the means by which to achieve it....   [tags: Expository Exemplification Essays]

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How Does One Define America?

- How Does One Define America.         What is the definition of America?  After the  Revolutionary War, there were various versions of what America was defined as.  Writers of the time period, including Royall Tyler, St. Jean de Crevecoeur, and Benjamin Franklin, all had their own opinions on the matter.  For example, Tyler states that in America, "probity, virtue, and honour...will secure to an honest American" (Tyler 1188).  Crevecoeur had the idea that in America a man was protected by laws and received "ample rewards for their labours" (Crevecoeur 856).  Franklin perceived America as a place where "not as slaves but as freemen our money we'll give" (Franklin 950)....   [tags: Expository Definition Essays]

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A Helping Hand for College

- A Helping Hand for College   Approximately 60% of all students enrolled in higher education receive some type of financial assistance. Financial aid is provided to students for many reasons. The primary reason is to increase the accessibility for families that are unable to afford the full cost of higher education. Scholarships, loans, and federal work studies are categories of financial aid given to help students further their education.   A scholarship is a financial award given to students in recognition of achievement, such as academics or athletics....   [tags: Expository Classification Essays]

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Christopher Columbus Was a Murderer

- Christopher Columbus Was a Murderer The second Monday in October is celebrated across America as Columbus Day. It is a celebration of the man who discovered America. In school, children are taught that Christopher Columbus was a national hero. In actuality, the man was a murderer. It is true that he found a land that was unknown to the "civilized" world, yet in this discovery, he erased the natives inhabiting the land. With slavery, warfare, and inhumane acts, Christopher Columbus and the men who accompanied him completely destroyed a people, a culture, and a land....   [tags: Expository Exemplification Essays]

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The Benefits of FFA Membership

- The spacious, mute auditorium is suddenly turned into a buzzing social center as the large double doors are swung open by thousands of enthusiastic young members of the National FFA Organization. Although the topics of their conversations may range from discussions on recent use of Global Positioning Satellites in tractors, to arguments over the greatest country singer of all time, these young people all have one thing in common. They are all wearing the blue corduroy jacket of the FFA, proudly displaying the FFA emblem on the back, embroidered with blue and gold thread....   [tags: Expository Essays Research Papers]

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Cynical Classification of Sexual Partners

- Cynical Classification of Sexual Partners When any thought of cynicism arises, it conjures an image of bitter thirty something divorcees, single alcoholic fathers, or disillusioned old maids. However, this disease is rampant now among "Gen X'ers", and it is certainly no surprise with the miasma of food, cars, money, drugs, and of course sex that assaults early twenties men and women with the frenetic pace of a moving el-train. Yet there is no better example of the reason for American youths cynicism than the meager choice of sex partners in the nineties....   [tags: Expository Classification Essays]

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The Art of Calf Roping

- The Art of Calf Roping It’s 2:00 a.m. Sunday morning. Jake and I are headed down the longest stretch of road in Texas. We have just pulled out of El Paso and are on the way to Fredericksburg to participate in the Frontier Days Rodeo. We were fortunate to have put together a decent run on our last draw and win enough day-money to keep us going for a while. Jake and I are rodeo-bums, to be specific, calf ropers. I am the one who tries to throw the loop of a rope around a calf’s neck and Jake is my partner, the best roping horse a cowboy ever mounted....   [tags: Expository Process Essays]

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The Difficulty with Defining Emergency

- The Difficulty with Defining Emergency The word "emergency" has lost its meaning where cellular phones are concerned. Instead of calling to say, "Someone here is bleeding profusely," what you get is, "Should I wear my blue shirt or my red shirt tonight?" Since when is color scheme dubbed an emergency. One of the first lessons I ever learned from my father, a veteran police officer, was what an emergency was. "If the house is on fire," he would say, "that is an emergency." "If anyone in this house requires serious medical attention for any number of idiotic reasons, that is an emergency." (For the record, there were at least eight idiotic reasons, but that's another story for another time.)...   [tags: Expository Definition Essays]

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Easy Steps to Beautiful Hairstyles

- Easy steps to Beautiful Hairstyles A Japanese proverb says, "Hair is women's life." It did not matter how ugly women's faces were; those who had shiny, long, straight black hair were considered beauties in Japan in ancient times. This standard doesn't exist any more, but such beautiful, healthy hair is still highly regarded. As well as the hair, certain hairdos - French twist, piggy tail, pony tail and bun - have been the charming accents of women's fashion until now. Braids, my favorite hairstyle, are the most beautiful of all....   [tags: Free Expository Process Essays]

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Selecting the Perfect Wedding Gown

- Selecting the Perfect Wedding Gown When my mother suggested that we look at wedding gowns two years before the date of my wedding, I laughed. No one browses that far in advance, but since we live on separate coasts this would be her only opportunity to go browsing with me. Shopping for a wedding gown was new to me. I thought, just like any other store, you go in and try on gowns you like. This idea was wrong. You have to make an appointment. That way, in the store, you have a wedding consultant at your side at all times....   [tags: Expository Process Essays]

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Definition Essay - Defining Professionalism

- Defining Professionalism Academics believe that professional occupations are those that are full-time occupations, have a commitment to a calling, have formalized organization, are based on specialized education of exceptional duration and difficulty, exhibit a service orientation, and are autonomous. Students feel that a professional is anyone who acts in a professional way and has creditable knowledge of their field. The two are vying for increased recognition in the elite group known as professionals....   [tags: Expository Definition Essays]

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Guide to Becoming a Jerk

- Guide to Becoming a Jerk Being a jerk can be fun. It gives you a feeling of dominance over others; you are more important then the rest. You are the wolf among a flock of sheep; people fear you, and therefore look up to you. Being a jerk is not hard; all you have to do is think about yourself and your own feelings, and forget that everyone else has emotions. There are various ways of achieving this perception of importance; you can put people down and belittle them, pretend you’re better than everyone, or just be plain mean, unpolite, and nasty....   [tags: Expository Process Essays]

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Definition Essay - Defining Freedom

- Definition Essay – Defining Freedom Is it possible to define freedom. To define freedom is more than a difficult task, but perhaps easier than one might imagine if not overanalyzed. Given ample time to consider the task, however, a simple, sufficient definition can present itself: freedom is the ability to choose, for any creature living life in any place in any time. There is no greater truth to the statement, and no underlying meanings; freedom is simply the ability to choose. So one might ask, "If this ability to choose applies to all creatures in all places in all times, why can freedom only be defined in the context of the specific creature whose definition of freedom is concerne...   [tags: Expository Definition Essays]

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The Limitless Possibilities of Art

- Definition Essay – The Limitless Possibilities of Art Before attempting to define art in even the most abstract of terms, I must preface with an apologia, for any definition of art dooms itself to failure as long as it attempts to categorize together objects or actions which belong to no unified category. Where does one set boundaries to determine the limits of the category ‘art’. Mine will serve only to elaborate my own personal opinions as there exists no objective method of evaluation for a definition of art as a whole (at least one which does not set arbitrary boundaries)....   [tags: Expository Definition Essays]

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Definition Essay - Defining Art

- Definition Essay – Defining Art What is art. Art and perception are deeply interrelated, since our ability to experience and comprehend artistic works is strongly biased by our own perceptions. Accordingly, any definition of art should emphasize the importance of perception in creating and experiencing art. Yet, each person has his or her own opinion of every artistic work, biased by his or her own perceptions, causing each person to define art as a whole in his or her own subjective manner. Hence, in my opinion it is impossible to create an objective definition of art, if art is something that each person perceives and experiences in a wholly subjective manner....   [tags: Expository Definition Essays]

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A Simple Definition of Art

- A Simple Definition of Art Art can be defined in many ways by an individual. One can say that any creative output by a person is considered art. Others contend that art must conform to a societal standard and the basis of the creation should be understood by most intellectual people. For example, some contend that computer-generated images, such as fractals, are not art due to the large role played by a computer. E.O. Wilson states “the exclusive role of the arts is to intensify aesthetic and emotional response....   [tags: Expository Definition Essays]

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The Future of Cell Phones

- The Future of Cell Phones We have seen the cell phone evolve from a big bulky cumbersome piece of equipment into a sleek small compact device. You can now pick different ring tones for your phone and can change the appearance. Right now you can even access the Internet. Even though it seems like we have seen it all, cell phones are still getting better. Just recently released were the new phones that can take pictures. Not only can you take pictures but you can also send them. However these phones were just released and are going to be very expensive....   [tags: Expository Essays Research Papers]

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The Evolution of Cell Phones

- The Evolution of Cell Phones The cellular telephone, as many other current technological products, started off in the military and eventually made its way to the common consumer as a result of the high demands for such communications technologies. The concept for cellular technology was often thought to be limited to science fiction or futuristic communities. Well the future is now, and computerized technology with the help of transmitters and satellites brings nearly unlimited contact to anyone in the world....   [tags: Expository Essays Research Papers]

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Drive-by Shootings on London's Streets

- Drive-by Shootings on London's Streets Close your eyes and sit back in your recliner. Let the cool breeze refresh you as you relax in your hardwood floored den and sip your English tea. Now picture London. What kind of an image comes to mind. Perhaps the sophisticated languages of its inhabitants or just the aura of properness that encompasses typical visions of the great city of London. I am not writing to deny the eloquence of London, I am instead writing to challenge the notion of sophistication that many of us hold true to London....   [tags: Expository Essays Research Papers]

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The Future of Genetic Engineering

- Any time in this modern era where one talks about the science of genetics, it is nearly impossible to think about the moral implications and ethical decisions that the future possesses. Currently, there aren’t many laws that govern this field of science, and one must wonder what will happen and how genetics will be governed. Two articles that I have recently read gave me a better insight on what to expect. In one article, the author, Deborah Gridley, discusses the heated topic of genetic discrimination....   [tags: Expository Essays Research Papers]

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Genetic Engineering is the Future

- Genetic Engineering is the Future The debate over genetic engineering has emerged as one of the hot topics of today's political mainstream. With new discoveries happening everyday, science is coming closer to achieving perfection in the art of genetic manipulation. But is it all worth it. Some people argue that genetic engineering is a corporate scandal, and simply allows large companies to make more money. I will show through my research that the benefits of gene alteration far outweigh the claimed consequences....   [tags: Expository Essays Research Papers]

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Convergent and Divergent Product Technology

- Convergent and Divergent Product Technology Every day we encounter different convergent and divergent products. Some people like the idea of a do everything Personal Digital Assistant, while others enjoy different products used for different things. Convergence can be defined as the occurrence of two or more things coming together. On the other hand, divergence is the tendency to move apart or evolve in different directions. In the instance of modern-technologies and their use in the information age, convergence and divergence play a large role in how new products are manufactured and marketed....   [tags: Expository Essays Research Papers]

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Titanic: Death of a Titan

- Titanic: Death of a Titan After years of construction and work, the Titanic was finally ready for her maiden voyage. The beginning of her voyage was to take place on the morning of April 10, of 1912 at approximately 10:00am. The firs of Titanic passengers began to board the ship. Most of these passengers were British residents who had journeyed to Titanic by means of transportation either that a boat train. The real precipitance came when the boat train arrived. People rich or poor were scattered all aver Southampton's bay, attempting to find their gangway....   [tags: Expository Essays Research Papers]

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Fantasy Sports on the Internet

- Fantasy Sports on the Internet The Internet is something that is common in today’s society. The internet’s uses vary from talking online to getting information on just about anything one wants. This new phenomenon was an instant hit and in the mid 90’s the internet was being found in more and more households. The internet opened up opportunities for many things such as easy access to any information, online shopping, being able to talk to people on the other side of the world with no cost, and it set up the whole fantasy world in sports....   [tags: Expository Essays Research Papers]

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Different Uses of Virtual Reality

- Different Uses of Virtual Reality Virtual reality (VR) is the use of a computer to create an artificial environment that appears and feels like a real environment and allows users to explore a space and manipulate the environment. In its simplest form, a VR application displays what appears to be a three-dimensional view of a place or object, such as a landscape, building, molecule, or red blood cell, which users can explore. For example, architects can use VR software to show clients how a building will look after a construction or remodeling project....   [tags: Expository Essays Research Papers]

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Alternatives to Conventional Internal Combustion

- Alternatives to Conventional Internal Combustion Congress created the Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Technologies (EHV) Program in 1992 for reasons of national defense. The specific purpose of the program was to solve the issues of performance, stealth, and fuel efficiency demanded by the military. The EHV program was managed by the Department of Defense and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), as a side note DARPA developed the F-117 Stealth Fighter during the mid to late 1970’s and early 1980’s....   [tags: Expository Essays Research Papers]

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The Use of Digital Cameras

- The Use of Digital Cameras Digital cameras allow computer users to take pictures and store the photographed images digitally instead of on traditional film. With some digital cameras, a user downloads the stored pictures from the digital camera using special software included with the camera. With others, the camera stores the pictures on a floppy disk or on a PC Card. A user then copies the pictures to a computer by inserting the floppy disk into a disk drive or the PC Card into a PC Card slot (Chambers and Norton 134)....   [tags: Expository Essays Research Papers]

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The Digital Film Making Industry

- The Digital Film Making Industry Digital filmmaking is quickly changing everything about filmmaking. Everyone from professionals to amateurs are currently seeing great advancements in many aspects of the industry. Every year thousands of independent films are made. The vast majority of these films are created using digital cameras and basic home computers. A few years ago this was impossible due the sheer cost of quality 35 millimeter cameras, and extremely expensive editing equipment. Now anyone can make a relatively high quality digital film with a 1000 dollar camera and a 2000 dollar computer....   [tags: Expository Essays Research Papers]

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The Radio: Past and Present

- The Radio: Past and Present “He shoots!!. He scores!!!” these are famous words that Foster Hewitt made famous broadcasting a hockey game on the radio (“The Early Years”). It was words like these that the public became used to because there was no television. The radio served as the first medium to hear things live as they happened. This gave sport fans the opportunity to sit down and tune into a game anytime they like. The radio started off big and then took a dramatic fall due to the introduction of the television....   [tags: Expository Essays Research Papers]

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The American Society Of Criminology

- The American Society Of Criminology “AHHHHhhhhh!” I let out a girlish scream and squirmed as shivers went strait up my spine. I was glued to the latest episode of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, a show that I have watched religiously since its debut. Criminology is something that has always fascinated me, and is a career that I hope to pursue in the future as an FBI agent. I frequently surf the web looking for short stories to read about different criminal cases and to find information about job opportunities and internships....   [tags: Criminology FBI Expository Essays]

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MADD: Mothers Against Drunk Driving

- MADD: Mothers Against Drunk Driving It is 2:20 in the morning when the phone rings. You are automatically startled and jump to pick it up after the second ring. That feeling in your stomach tells you that something is terribly wrong. It is the police on the other end of the line telling you that your daughter has been in a fatal accident. As the officer is talking, you seem to freeze and zone out. Your spouse is up now and takes the phone and talks to the officer to find out what is going on. You are in a state of shock as you both drive to the hospital so that you all can identify your daughter....   [tags: Expository Drinking Essays, Alcohol]

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Queen Elizabeth I in Love

- Queen Elizabeth I in Love A huge obstacle that women only in the near past have been able to conquer is their status in society. Women today have the freedom to take up any profession they desire, attend any school they desire, and most importantly marry anyone they desire. In the 16th-18th centuries, the time of the Renaissance, rebirth, and discovery of grand new worlds, women possessed the status of children in many ways; women were considered minors dependent on their fathers until marriage when that dependency transferred to their husbands....   [tags: History Expository Essays]

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Internet as a Research Tool

- Internet as a Research Tool Because of its speed and convenience, the Internet has quickly become one of the most-used resources for gathering information. The Internet allows people to have access to a lot of information in one place, and in the convenience of their own homes. However, many problems arise when students use the Internet as a research source for school assignments. Many students are typically under the false assumption that everything on the Internet is valid; if it’s written it must be true....   [tags: Expository Web Internet Essays]

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History of the Prison System

- Prison is an institution for the confinement of persons convicted of criminal offenses. Throughout history, most societies have built places in which to hold persons accused of criminal acts pending some form of trial. The idea of confining persons after a trial as punishment for their crimes is relatively new. During the 15th century in Europe, the penalties for crimes were some form of corporal punishment like whippings for less serious crimes and execution or enslavement for more serious offenses....   [tags: Expository Essay, Informative Essay]

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Safety Features in Automobiles

- Safety Features in Automobiles "Motor vehicle crashes are the number one killer of Americans under the age of 34. Every 22 minutes someone is killed in a crash" (Vince and Larry). Since 1990, many new safety features have been put into vehicles to help save lives. These features are Antilock brakes, airbags, OnStar, and four-wheel drive or all wheel drive. "One of the best safety features available is anti-lock braking system" (Gillis). Antilock brake system (ABS) is a safety feature that keeps the brakes from locking up so the driver can maintain control over steering and directional stability in situations where the driver has to apply heavy brakes, heavy enough that if the vehicle was n...   [tags: Expository Essays Research Papers]

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Writing the Academic Essay

- Writing the Academic Essay For many high school students, the academic essay is an unforgiving monster that terrorizes their campus, a nightmarish beast that can rip the heart out of G.P.A.'s and dash all hopes for college admission. Yet, others tame this friend with ease, bending its cruel will to theirs as if it was nothing, as if they possessed a secret weapon. Well, guess what. They do. Successful essayists succeed because they are armed with the exact knowledge of what an essay is and how it is made; they know an essay is an organized group of paragraphs that strongly assert and vividly support a central idea....   [tags: Expository Process Essays]

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Wage Discrimination against Women

-    The Women’s Equal Rights Movement has made dramatic progress in the last one hundred years. As a result, a woman can now vote, choose almost any career, and defend her human right to happiness. But, in spite of the progress made in the area of equal rights, wage problems in the workplace still exist which deny women equal pay for equal work.   SUCCESSES Women are closing the gender gap in workplace and higher education. They are starting to climb the corporate ladder and are moving into managerial positions....   [tags: Expository Exemplification Essays]

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The Cancer of Ebonics

- The Cancer of Ebonics          American society has made concessions for many groups of people with special interests, such as animal activists, environmental activists and a host of ethnic groups. Tough animal rights laws have been passed to ensure the safety and future of a variety of species ranging from the domestic cat to the bald eagle. The development of Wetlands has been curtailed in an effort to protect our swamps and forests from extinction. Our educational system has implemented a program known as, English As a Second Language, which lends itself to the special needs of immigrants in our school systems....   [tags: Expository Exemplification Essays]

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Population Growth Causes Poverty

- Everywhere in the world, in every kind of culture, the poorest people have the most children. Does having many children make people poor. Or does being poor make people have many children. That is a hot question in the continuous struggle over how to spend foreign aid money. Those who think population growth causes poverty advocate programs in family planning and population education. Those who think poverty causes population growth favor direct economic aid, jobs, capital investment. Take care of development, they say, and the birth rate will take care of itself....   [tags: Expository Cause Effect Essays]

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The Causes of Divorce

- The Causes of Divorce There are as many theories on this issue as there are people offering them. The usual explanations are communication, compromise, and commitment, and it’s hard to disagree with them. Indeed, if both spouses were consistently able to communicate with each other, able and willing to compromise with each other, and 100% committed to their marriage, it’s hard to see how it could fail. The vexing question, of course is HOW do they foster communication, compromise, and commitment....   [tags: Expository Cause Effect Essays]

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Welfare Programs Cause Crime

- "Controlling violent crime is largely a state and local responsibility," declare Robert Moffit, Edwin Meese, and Patrick Fagan of the Heritage Foundation. "State and local officials," they say, "should take the initiative to identify and target the hard-core criminals who are committing the majority of crimes and implement tough policies to put them behind bars and keep them there. Mounting evidence shows that this approach works." Attacking the root causes of crime also makes sense, provided those causes are correctly identified....   [tags: Expository Cause Effect Essays]

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The Proper Golf Stance

- The Proper Golf Stance While there are many factors in determining the outcome of a golf shot, setting up the proper golf stance is the foundation from which all other aspects essential to hitting a perfect shot are judged as success or failure. Proper stance is made up of proper implementation of multiple factors. The entire outcome (shot) depends on setting up properly. There are three elements that comprise the proper golf stance: grip, stance, and body placement. Your grip must be firm with hands in their proper places....   [tags: Expository Process Essays]

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Blueberry Whipped Cream Pie

- Blueberry Whipped Cream Pie This recipe allows the average cook to create a delicious homemade blueberry whipped cream pie. Instead of having to buy pies and other desserts from the store, now anyone can make them inexpensively at home. Making a blueberry pie may take some time, but the end result is well worth the effort and the wait. The main steps in making a blueberry pie are not complicated, but one should not forget that there are pre-cooking and post-cooking steps that are just as important as the main cooking steps....   [tags: Expository Process Essays]

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The Prophecies of Nostradamus

- Abstract   What if there was a man who could see into the future. He could predict the fate of not only the ones closet to him, but the fate of the world. Nostradamus was a highly educated man in the medical field. But when tragedy struck him hard, he led a life of solitude. This is the time when he made most of his predictions. Nostradamus was a profit who not only predicted many events throughout history, but also helped put a stop to the plague that devastated Southern France during the 16th century....   [tags: Expository Essays Research Papers]

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Working at The Bindery

- Working at The Bindery I have a dream. I have a dream about getting a doctorate degree in music. Well, to get that far, I know I must get through undergraduate school first, let alone graduate school, and so on. Last year I realized that I needed a job that paid much more than minimum wage if I was going to afford to go to college. I then heard about The Bindery from a friend in the same situation as I was. I filled out an application, went to the orientation a few weeks later, and then discovered that working there would be no ordinary job....   [tags: Expository Process Essays]

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