Health, Safety and Nutrition Essay

Health, Safety and Nutrition Essay

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The reason I chose to do my project on a game that can hit all three areas safety, health, and nutrition, is because all three areas are important to children and their families. As a parent I can easily justify the role a teacher has on the lives of our children. It is usually a parent does not know anything and the teacher is always right. In the eye’s of a child.
     Many times well most of the time what you teach a child it usually stays with them, and if it is presented in a fun way it is almost certain that to stay with them longer. More important children like to share their new information with their families, some of the information may be new. So not only are you teaching their children you are also teaching them.

     Before I introducing this game I would send out information to each child’s family so they will be familiar with some of the questions. Of coarse it is important not to send to much information so it will not become overwhelming. It is also important to get the families input, any way to get parents involved is important.

     Why safety? Safety is important no matter where your child may be. Any information that a child learns in safety can easily be reinforced. From talking to strangers to playing with fire. This is important everywhere, not only in school but at home or in public places. Many times parents as well as teachers tend to overlook simple things like how unsafe playing with sharp objects, can be, such as pencils. Also taking simple precautions, as covering outlets, or not leaving cords hanging from drapes. This is why safety is important and why it can be life saving to many families.

     Not long ago, many safety issues were not addressed the way they are now. Why has it changed so much in the past several years? I stop and look back at my life as an infant and a child many things have changed drastically. When I was a infant car seats were not required, to think the safety of my life was at risk, I can recall a time being involved in a accident and I was lucky I did not fly out of the windshield, being that I use to like to stand up o...

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...e a good choice or a family member makes a good choice. Sometimes it takes something like a game with fact to have families more aware of the choices that they make the good and the bad. We are only human and we can easily fall off track, I know that I am thankful when my children put me back on the correct track. It is also a good feeling to know that they are aware of their choices and that sometimes we don’t always make the correct ones. It also reassures our children that we as parents, grandparents, and teachers, also make mistakes and sometimes bad choices.

     Still I feel that the most important thing is to model for children, take the time to talk to them and of coarse to listen to them. We all like to be heard at some point in our lives even when were small.

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