The Importance of Nutrition and Sleeping Habits In The Classroom Essay examples

The Importance of Nutrition and Sleeping Habits In The Classroom Essay examples

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The Importance of Nutrition and Sleeping Habits In The Classroom

Having good nutrition and sleeping habits is very important for education. It is important for children and adolescents to perform well in the classroom so that they get the most out of their education. Having poor sleeping habits or poor eating habits can have many harmful effects on a child’s classroom performance. If children have good eating habits as well as good sleeping habits they will perform better and be able to live up to their potential.

Good nutrition is very important for children in all areas of their life but it is a key factor in how they perform in the classroom. One study showed that “taller more healthy children have higher levels of verbal development” and healthier children have “positively associated performance on reading, spelling, and arithmetic tests” (conceptual). Classroom tests are a very good indicator of how a child performs in school. The study shows that children with good nutrition have done better than children with health problems or who are under-nourished. Another study correlates with the first in showing that “children who had more adequate diets scored higher on the cognitive battery than those with less adequate intake” ( ).

Good nutrition helps cognitive function which is defined as “the ability to learn categories, to process and structure information, and to learn and react to social and environmental cues. Cognitive function also includes the ability to ask appropriate questions and provide appropriate answers with in a given environment and to identify and solve relevant problems” (Cline). Cognitive function is important for good performance in the classroom because if a child cannot convey t...

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...nd teachers would be able to get more accomplished with their students during the day. Studies show that there is a direct correlation between good sleeping habits in children and increased learning ability. Children who get adequate sleep have better cognitive function, are more inclined to concentrate better, and formulate questions better for things they do not understand.

Good nutrition and good sleeping habits are important to good classroom performance. They both can greatly improve learning ability and cognitive function having a positive affect on children’s education. When children have poor sleeping habits and poor nutrition their learning ability is less and classroom performance is lower. Both factors are very important for children’s education and good habits should be developed early ensure that they will do well throughout school and in life.

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