Expository Essay on Texas Hold Em Poker

Expository Essay on Texas Hold Em Poker

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To any sports fan, names such as Babe Ruth and Joe Namath are synonymous with gods, geniuses and pioneers in their respective sports. However, amongst poker players; the name Doyle Brunson can often be referenced in the same manner as the Lord in Church. Brunson, now an old man with gray balding hair and more money than he could count, is still to be found at one of the many poker tables in the oasis in the desert we call Las Vegas. In fact, Brunson is so good, about twenty years ago he wrote a book to strengthen his competition. The book "Super System" is considered to be the poker bible as well as the foremost learning tool used by professional poker players. To this day it is the greatest publication on No Limit Texas Hold `em Poker.

"It takes a minute to learn and a lifetime to master."(Brunson) And in fact this is true, anyone can understand the game and have a chance to win the biggest prize pool on earth, the World Series of Poker. Chris Moneymaker will attest to this fact. He is a twenty-four year old accountant from Nashville Tennessee. He entered the $10,000 buy-in WSOP through a forty-dollar Internet satellite tournament. With only two years of poker experience behind him he proceeded through the tournament like a pro. Knocking off former champion after former champion, Moneymaker found himself at the final table being covered on television by ESPN with a million and a half dollars on the table separating him and his final opponent. And just like that he turned forty-dollars into 1.5 million. This truly supports the claim "Anyone can win."(Binion)

No Limit Texas Hold `em is the Cadillac of all poker games.(Brunson) No other card game requires the amount of patience, intelligence and nerve that H...

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...ely accurate. For instance the other player could have a heart or two, which would decrease your chances of catching the heart you need on the last two cards. This is why I do not put as much emphasis on this aspect of the game. It is very important to know but might now always help you make the best decision in the long run.

"In order to live you must be willing to die."(Brunson)

This quote sums up No Limit Hold `em very well. High risk, high reward, mental stimulation and satisfaction are just some of the most intense emotions you can feel just by playing cards. Poker unlike many casino games must not be considered gambling. This is because there is a large amount of skill required to win consistently at poker. However this does not mean that only the highest skilled professionals are guaranteed to win. Just like Chris Moneymaker, "Anyone Can Win."

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