Personal Nutrition Assessment Project : My Experience With Myfitness Pal

Personal Nutrition Assessment Project : My Experience With Myfitness Pal

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Personal Nutrition Assessment Project
This project was an opportunity for me to learn how to educate and guide patient’s in making better nutritional decisions with the help of my experience with MyFitness Pal. I think MyFitness Pal is an excellent resource for those that are interested in improving their nutrition. Nutrition is often neglected by patient 's, therefore, as dental professionals it is important to use the latest technology to attract our patient’s to become more interested in their nutrition. The positive impact of this project has encouraged me to recommend using MyFitness Pal to my patient 's as a hands on activity to help correlate nutrition and the patient’s overall health. This project also allowed myself to become aware of the poor diet decisions I made, which will help to benefit my patient’s that have a similar diet.
I found MyFitness Pal app to be easy to navigate and interpret. I found many advantages in using this app in regards to benefiting my patient 's and myself. After recording my meals, I found the app to be accurate and precise at calculating my average percentages compared to my goal percentages. I also found the process of using MyFitness Pal to be very detailed in the list of nutrients found in my food items. Even though certain meals had to be added separately, I still thought finding those food items was easy to do. Therefore, I found tracking my own diet with the use of this app to be very useful in regards to benefiting my patient 's in the future due to the knowledge I now have from this project.
I believe my personal impression of my diet was greatly influenced through MyFitness Pal, which has helped me to strive to make better decisions in regards to my nutrition. At first, I was shoc...

... middle of paper ... the patient long term.

The lack of knowledge and awareness can cause an increased risk for chronic diseases that can impact a patient’s way of life. There is also a correlation between nutrition and the oral cavity, which a poor diet can cause an increase risk for dental caries.
Recommending MyFitness Pal when talking to patient 's with a poor diet can potentially increase the patient’s awareness of their lack of nutrition.
As dental professionals it is our job to provide nutritional counseling to increase the patient’s awareness to make better choices in regards to nutrition. After
By using this app I found MyFitness Pal would be an excellent resource to help guide a patient through tracking their daily food items and can help in teaching patient’s about the nutrition their body needs.
If my pt was like me recommend not eating fast food. Sugar high bc of

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