Essay about Nutrition, Physical Activity, And Obesity

Essay about Nutrition, Physical Activity, And Obesity

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Nutrition, Physical Activity, and Obesity
Health is about creating a balance between input and output of energy and materials that are necessary for normal body growth, and the purpose of health is having a positive outlook for further survival, therefore abnormal nutrition practices have a significant role in an increase in non-communicable diseases. Todays, one of the biggest health concern is obesity that unfortunately is leading causes of death. According to World Health Organization (WHO), obesity is ‘abnormal or excessive fat accumulation that may impair health’ (Torres-Fuentes, Schellekens, Dinan, & Cryan, 2015). In fact, obesity or overweight occurs when energy stored in the body as fat tissue and becomes very large, but many people who suffer from weight gain believe the body 's metabolism or slow metabolism are the main cause of this problem. Unfortunately, obesity is a growing public health concern through the world, with more than 1.4 billion adults and 40 million children above standards for healthy weights, placing them at risk for chronic diseases (Raine et al., 2014). There is the multifactorial reason, such as environmental, genetic, disease, nutrition, and physical activity which has a significant impact on obesity. This study was aimed to investigate the relation between nutrition, physical activity, and obesity has been set.
Nutritional causes the organism receive nutrients and use them to deliver growth or repair of the body. An unhealthy diet and consumption of processed foods and beverages are the effective etiology of obesity. On the other hand, unhealthy diet and sedentary living reason substantial morbidity and mortality in advanced societies, taking their highest toll on disadvantaged populatio...

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... weakening of the immune system. The most common cause of a weakened immune system is malnutrition, which may be caused by a deficiency of protein, vitamins, and minerals; the majority of non-communicable diseases are associated with dietary habits. Also, obesity is the result of high-calorie intake and fat accumulation. But with proper physical activity can burn extra calories and prevent weight gain. With increase physical activity and improve nutrition we can maintain a healthy weight and achieve a healthy life. Regular physical activity can start with simple aerobic activities like walking that is generally safe for most people. Also, with nutrition knowledge and create a meals balance we can eat our favorite foods even if they have high-calorie or fat. Finally, moderation, self-control, and good nutritional balance are the key to good health and longevity.

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