The Nutrition And Wellness Program Essay

The Nutrition And Wellness Program Essay

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The Nutrition and Wellness program was officially staffed in Unit 8 with Extension Educator, Susan Glassman, M.Ed., beginning August 3, 2015. Since August 3, 2015 approximately 798 residents in Bureau, LaSalle, Marshall and Putnam Counties participated in programs during that time.

• Youth, Adult and Senior residents were served in all counties served, 38% from diverse audiences.
• Youth evaluations mimicked emerging trends of a generation of technology asking for “more visuals and less talking”.
• Youth also revealed that they “like hands-on learning/experiments” like our television themed “Chopped Competition” and interactive class “Are you Smarter than a Food Label”.
• Adult and Senior residents indicated in evaluations emerging trends for more hands-on programming like “Break Making”, “Vegetarian Cooking”, “Cooking with Herb and Spices”, and “Salsa Making”.
• Ensuring that diverse audiences were addressed, at a local food pantry, Glassman filmed a video on preparing a holiday dessert, a pie with ingredients clients received in their holiday distribution baskets. The video was a huge hit and provided a visual experience to clients. Many clients reported back to the food pantry that they did, in fact, gain the skills to prepare the pie as a result of watching the video.

Glassman provided cross programming with 4-H offering the curriculum STEPS to a Healthy Teen to Princeton High School. Youth developed the knowledge and skills to change behaviors and make healthier choices.
• 24 youth participated in 6 hours of education
• 75% indicated that after the program they understood how to find empty calories using
• 83% agreed that eating fruits and vegetables each day is important
• 83% could read a...

... middle of paper ...

...home. Upon return to the next class, as a result of Glassman talking about using fresh lemon in place of salt, several participants said they had a bowl of lemons on their counter and “cut way back on the salting foods”. They had gained the knowledge to make a behavior change as a result of the program.
• From evaluation data the classes were well received by participants.
• Participants said they would do the following as a result of attending class; “Try to cook more nutritionally”: “Try to cook the recipes she made for us”, “Try Kale”, and “Watch the sugar”.

To plan for the next year, staff met and completed the Plan of Work for Unit 8. Nutrition and Wellness

Each program was completed to meet Affirmative Action requirements. Programs were held in accessible locations, and, each participant was asked to voluntarily fill out the program sign-in sheets.

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