Nutrition and Fitness in Controlling Diabetes and Maintaining a Healthy Weight

Nutrition and Fitness in Controlling Diabetes and Maintaining a Healthy Weight

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The purpose of this paper is to provide information about nutrition and exercise in respect to the effects these two issues have on the maintenance of homeostasis of the body. For example, this student participated in a three week exercise, in which she set nutrition and exercise goals to restore and improve her overall health and homeostasis. Her goals included a dietary goal of eating three healthy meals a day rather than one meal and snacking on junk foods the rest of the time. In addition, set an exercise goal of walking around her neighborhood two to three times a week to restore, improve, and maintain her muscle tone and function ability due to sedentary levels of activity. While she has been consistent with achieving her dietary goal at least five out of seven days a week, she still has not begun her exercise goals. Therefore, has not created any exercising habits to continue. However, she has established dietary habits she needs to continue and improve so she can control her blood sugar levels to reduce and prevent diabetic complications as well as gain weight.
Whereas, diabetes is a serious health condition that results from the pancreas not producing enough or no insulin at all to open adipose cell, muscle, and tissue receptors to allow sugar in the blood to enter energy saving cells causing a buildup in the blood reducing the individuals energy supply. This for example can result in of neurotransmitters not being able to relay signals to many organs and tissues such as the brain, heart, lungs, and skeletal muscles needed to perform life sustaining functions (Starr and McMillan, 2012). This student as result of uncontrolled blood glucose levels, knows the ramifications of diabetic complications, such as diabetic ketoa...

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