Nutrition And Digestion Of Nutrition Essay

Nutrition And Digestion Of Nutrition Essay

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Nutrition and Digestion

Part 1
Nutrition in humans is a product that require to supply the human body to function, nutrients also helps to prevent any disease in human organs.

Role and Function Deficiency Symptoms

Carbohydrates Is an important extract that contain the glucose were the body is in needed to form energy. Provide muscle energy, fuel for the nerve system, the fat metabolism and protect the protein to been used as energy Extreme weight loss,
irritation or depressed, headache and constipation

Proteins Is an essential nutrients that are important for the human body Protein have connection with amino acid to help in functions of: skin, muscle, hair and bones This occur when the person have lack of:
In taking protein, sever diet, gallstone, arthritis, muscle defections and heart problems

Lipids Is an important mechanism in human body, this could provide the energy to supplied some hormones Could help the brain to transmit nervous impulses, keep the energy in people lives and help cells membranes affect in body fat are currently broke down, some organs could be harmful and abnormalities in enzymes

Vitamins Is the component that were it is important for the human development Human body has depend on variety of vitamins, e.g. vitamins A, D, E and K are dissolved in fat.
Vitamins C, B, B6, B12, niacin, riboflavin and folate are dissolve in the water Lack of vitamins could cause: health problems when the body couldn’t produce enough vitamins, lack of some fruit or vegetable, cancer, fragile bones and heart disease

Minerals Is an essential element or chemical that produce in human body, this also could provide the body to function properly Mineral have the potential function...

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...ach to the smaller polypeptide chains, this pass via hydrochloric acid and protease actions. This form of process are crucial for the synthesis of the essential amino acids that could affects the biosynthesized of the human body.
The role of proteins in our body is to help up in building strong muscles. Proteins can be present in every cell and tissue, each one with a highly specialized function necessary for normal development and function with no one role more important than the others. Human body can obtain many of the protein to uses through our diet.

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