Models Are Basic Guidelines That Help Lay Out An Explanation Or Illustration

Models Are Basic Guidelines That Help Lay Out An Explanation Or Illustration

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According to the Oxford Learners Dictionary, a model is:
i) Small scale representation of sth
ii) Person or thing exactly like another
Commonly models are generated to have a realistic and much more simplified illustration of something mentioned above. Models are highly used in architecture. It allows investors to select from a range of models according to what suits them the best, which is definitely better than investing large sums of money and then determining that the product does not fit the needs. Another area where models are readily used is in scientific areas, as the concepts, ideas and laws cannot always be seen naked eyed. For example, models of atoms are used to present them and comprehend them. Models begin to hinder their purposefulness once they are accurately or more convoluted than the real life example, this usually occurs when something fresh or new is revealed and the model illustrating the real world is still in its draft stage. Another common case is when the idea is conceptual; the model illustrating it should also be conceptual.
A good example is the map “Zesco” has of its power lines. It allows the company to position its power lines, yet the adverse side of it is that it is not up-to-date, and that the model is incomplete as there are many licit and illicit cables that have not been added to the model.
A similar problem occurs with street maps, even thought there are not many changes in the road network over a period of time (1 year), there are yet many additions or renewals, which would not be marked down in the model (map). One can determine that a model is beneficial if it signifies the original as closely as possible and at the same time permitting a simpler understanding...

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...ain this is to do with starting with a bad base, a wrong model.
Models are basic guidelines that help lay out an explanation or illustration of some aspect of the world. It helps by being able to module different situations and thus understanding the outcomes. Good examples of models can be seen in medicine, where models of several drugs are created on computers, and specific functional groups on the molecules of specific drugs can be altered to determine a desired effect. The main issue with models, as mentioned numerously above is that they can be wrong. This creates a problem because, how would a person disapprove of a model when it works in some cases and not in others, since it is difficult to tell the difference. Models are supposed to make us understand things better, even to give us an overall view of things, but then again, models are not 100% accurate.

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