The Importance Of Nutrition Is Nothing New, But The Facts Are What Do Essay

The Importance Of Nutrition Is Nothing New, But The Facts Are What Do Essay

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The importance of nutrition is nothing new, but the facts are what do. Many people do not understand how important nutrition is to our everyday life until it is taken for granted. Nutrition is the process in which an organism obtains there materials from the environment. It also has to do with the human digestive system because in order for one to get nutrients one has to be able to digest it. Good nutrition is key to a healthy body. Without the right nutrients the body cannot grow and keep itself energized and strong. In essence, food is needed in the human system for growth and development, for the sustenance of life, and nourishment of the body. “Without an adequate supply of food, a human being can neither grow nor develop optimally.” However, in some countries food is not always accessible which can lead to a person becoming malnourished.
In developing counties also known as third world counties malnutrition is a very serious situation. When a person suffers from malnutrition the person body’s cell may be receiving either an excess or a deficiency of one or more nutrients. “Malnutrition essentially mean “bad nourishment”, it could be “over nutrition” when the diet contained too many calories, or could be “under nutrition” if the diet does not provide adequate calories and protein for growth and body maintenance,…” People who live in third world countries are faced with the problem of finding food to help give them the proper nutrients every day. There are many factors that can contribute to a person becoming malnourished in a third world country such as high food prices, global finical crisis, and lack of food
The importance of nutrition in third world counties is vital for a person who is living in that country because i...

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... they are filling their stomach but the food is less nutritious. When people are malnourished from the lack of nutrients it can cause many health problems. It has also been said that “when nutritional needs are not met, people become prone to illness, perform worse at school, and have lower productivity. Even 6 months of inadequate nutrition before the age of 2 years old has important long term consequences due to its largely irreversible effects on an individual’s physical and mental development and future potential. The food that a person puts in their body can determine their health status later on in life. Food is a very important factor in good nutrition and making sure a person receives the daily required diet intake for their body. But when a person lives in a third world country eating healthy becomes rare and eating to survive becomes more of a priority.

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