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I must confess, this food and nutrition education class was one of the best informative, educational, and enjoyable classes I have taken. During this session I learned a great deal of information regarding this class, some deep-rooted information or memories that were repressed became unrepressed, and I shared some valuable information with students at North Carolina Central University (NCCU), who were enrolled in my Physical Education “Fitness” class (PE). Information I found useful in this education session included: identifying the primary intended audience, understanding nutrition-related behaviors or practices that contributed to the health issue of the intended audience, and learning about the major health issues that scientific research suggested contributed to this intended audience.
I have always recognized that the key to decent health is based on eating recommended amounts of fruits and vegetables, drinking recommended amounts of water, and cutting out foods high in saturated fat contents, while not just eating whatever I wanted or based on it just being available in my house. When I realized I would be teaching a food and nutrition session, I pondered of my fitness class as the primary intended audience. This audience consists of freshmen, sophomore, junior, and a few seniors. Based on visual observation during the pre-test evaluation, several students appeared to be overweight, out of shape, and verbally expressed they have poor nutritional habits. Research suggested that people who are overweight will most likely not engage in physical exercise activity.1 Research also suggested that physical activity has the ability to reduce diabetes, chronic diseases, overweight, and aids in healthier eating habits.2,3 After the ...

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...he students agree that they would participate in an exercise regimen if they were more motivated, whereas 10% were undecided. 100% of the students strongly agreed that they will drink the recommended daily amounts of water. 90% of the students strongly agreed that they now have a better understanding about eating healthier foods and the importance of exercising at least 30-60 minutes three days per week, whereas 5% agreed and 5% were undecided. Finally, 80% of the students strongly agreed that this was a good questionnaire, whereas 10% agreed, 5% were undecided, and 5% did not circle an answer.
Again, I am glad to have had the chance to educate the students in my fitness class regarding the importance of consuming recommended fruits and vegetables, drinking recommended amounts of water daily, and not living a sedentary life by engaging in recommended exercise daily.

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