Dietary Guidelines For American Health Concerns And The Nutrition Needs Of Specific Populations

Dietary Guidelines For American Health Concerns And The Nutrition Needs Of Specific Populations

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Every 5 years a new and refined edition of Dietary Guidelines for Americans which evolves to address pressing public health concerns and the nutrition needs of specific populations (1). The Dietary Guidelines for Americans are basic recommendations set for Americans to live healthier life styles for all ages beginning as young as 2 years old. Many Americans know of the guidelines but fail to live by them, consequently causing possible heart attack, stroke, or cancer, some of the leading cause of death in the United States. The 2015-2020 Edition of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans include topics such as how to portion foods throughout the day, which foods are healthy for the body and which could cause the body great harm, how much exercise is recommended for a person to participate in, and many more useful tips for healthy living.
The first edition of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans was release in 1980 and provided emerging scientific evidence about the impact of diet and helps to reduce the risk of chronic disease. “The Dietary Guidelines is not intended to be used to treat disease.” (1) It is true the guidelines are intended to focus on disease prevention but many have taken the incorrect meaning it is only intended to reduce chances not technically stop the disease from beginning. “The guidelines form the basis of Federal nutrition policy, education, outreach, and food assistance programs used by consumers, industry, nutrition educators and health professionals.” (2) These recommendations accommodate the varied food preferences, cultural traditions, and customs of the many and diverse groups who live in the United States. When an individual goes to the doctor and they are to be put on a strict diet, where do those po...

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...d to serve as a required way to have a person live or tell people what they can and cannot consume. It was designed to of help Americans make healthier food choices and recommend ways exercise and stay active. Although the 2015-2020 guidelines did not differ tremendously from the 2010 edition, there was extensive research and reviews done to improve American living. The improvements were made so that people could live longer with less health complications. Living healthier will ultimately have a change on a person’s life; they may realize that they have more energy and can do daily tasks like walk up flights of stairs with ease or participate in a 5k. Following the guideline can possibly stop illnesses from being passed from generation to generation, but it is up to us, the people, to make it happen. The advice and the opportunity is there we just have to take it.

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