Critique Of The Anova System On Nutrition, Dieting, And Healthy Eating Habits

Critique Of The Anova System On Nutrition, Dieting, And Healthy Eating Habits

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The ANOVA system used in this study was a process of repeated measures analysis of variance. This study took place over three years. This study looked at literature to understand the consumers’ outlook on nutrition, dieting, and healthy eating habits. The three year study looked at thirty one key food items from fast food restaurants.
Info provided
The ANOVA provides information on items such as side items, small burgers, deluxe burgers, chicken sandwiches, the study also shows the behavior of customers how it have of changed.
Statistical findings
Some of the statistical findings that this study has uncovered are, there was an increase in entrée salads, broiled chicken sandwiches, salads, and salads as a whole increased. Fries as well as onion rings, side items, increased also.
There was no significant increase in regular burger, or fried chicken sales. But a decrease in side items as an overall total sales on the menu.
For my business
I would like to say there is nothing for my business in this study, but this is the fifth paper I’ve done on fast food, so apparently this school is getting me ready for a job at some fast food joint, instead of a great job as a manager at an actual restaurant, or hotel.
This three year program was managed across the US. The data shows an independent cross section of the nation. This cross section of the nation shows that the general publics’ point of view on eating healthy, and nutrition has been steadily going downhill for the last twenty years, and thought to be only a quarter of the population.
Some implications I found in this study are, people are tired of being what they should eat, that just because people know the nutritional value of what they does not mean ...

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...s of their portions. This trend to increase portion size is off set the price increase, and give the customer a better perception of price, for the size they are receiving. Of course the larger portion sizes are not necessarily those of the food guide pyramid.

The restaurant industry can also take an offensive stand against what some see as an obesity crisis in the US. They can do this by adopting five healthier menu changes. The first change is to focus more on flavor to offset the lack of nutritional balance, the second change is to allow the customer to substitute items, the third change is to have more options available such as an alternate item, or half portions, the forth change is to allow the customer to sample an item before they commit to buying what they don’t like, the final change is to hide a healthier choice in a culinary attraction.

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