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In the January issue of the Journal of the American Dietetic Association, an article was published regarding the impact of nutritional labels on food choices at different Dutch work cafeterias. The purpose of this study was to investigate the differences made to food choices, and if it stimulated consumers to make healthier choices or if customers actually pay attention to the nutritional information in the product.

The Choices nutrition logo is found around European countries in supermarket chains and different locations. This logo is similar to the Smart Choices program, which appears on the front of the pack of certain food items, such as cereal boxes, breads, yogurts, etc. along the United States. Both these logos inform the customer that the food item complies with the recommended criteria specified by the World Health Organization (low sodium, sugar, saturated fats and trans fats). Although these two systems are produced to inform the consumer, they are not associated in any way, as the Choices logo is not pursuing its effectiveness in the United States. The study, therefore, attempted to determine if the availability of information related to the food items increased the sales of these Choices sandwiches and soups in the work place cafeterias.
The study collected data from a cluster randomized control trial of 13 cafeterias where the Choices food logo was placed on certain menu items and 12 work place cafeterias that were set as “control”, where the same items were sold with no logo on them. The study took place over 9 weeks, from March to May during the year 2009. The cafeterias were selected from Dutch companies employing office workers with mainly sedentary jobs. These were recruited in collaboration with the lead...

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...ibly more influenced by cravings or how appetizing a food looks.

With the current rise in these obese, and generally overweight population (sedentary office workers), making this information mandatory for presentation will most likely influence smarter food choices. These food choices may seem small but when compared with the huge list of risks associated with being overweight or obese, they play a great role. Studies like this give greater insight to the influence of food education on food habit and could greatly influence regulation of food sales for the better.

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