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Cellphones and Technology Essay

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Technologies within cell phones are changing rapidly; so rapidly that the changes cannot be controlled. Cell phones and phones in general have evolved greatly since they were first invented, with everything available with only a click of a button. In general, phones have gone from being connected to one through an operator, to calling someone using a dial phone, to being able to contact someone while they are on the go at a pay phone station, to having one’s own personal hand held cell phone. Cell phones have greatly come a long ways and have technologically improved. However, with these advancements in cell phones, they have the ability to shape one for better or for worse. Which side do you choose? Authors, Christine Rosen, Paul Goldberger, Jeffery Rosen, and Sam Anderson all share the same subject of technology but each carry their own thoughts and ideas as far as cellphones shaping one.
In Christine Rosen’s Our Cell Phone, Our Selves”, Rosen rhetorically asks, “How has it [technology] changed our behavior, and how might it continue to do so?” (457), indicating that technology has altered human beings in some sense. She explains how technology has shaped people and how technology is affecting Americans daily lives. Rosen provides condensed sections in her essay for each of her findings/ evidence these 6 sections include: Untethered, Communication Delinquents, Will You Please Be Quiet, Please? , Spectator Sport, Absent Without Leave, and Talk and Conversation. In each section, Rosen mainly points out the negativity behind cellphones, and how they can destruct a person.
In the section of “Untethered”, Rosen is stating how the phone has evolved and changed over time. For example, she states that “first- generation cell phones ...

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